Zookeeper shows how unrecognisable he looked when he was normal and boring

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    A zookeeper with “several hundred” tattoos revealed how he looked before his transformation.

    Tobias Müller believes his appearance was “normal and boring” until he went to extremes.

    He now has dozens of extreme body modifications like a split tongue and stretched ears.

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    And despite risking blindness to get his eyeball inked, he is now proud of his unmissable aesthetic.

    Tobias shared throwback photos with the Daily Star before he had his face plastered in tattoos with phrases like “I don’t believe in humans” and “life is strange”.

    The 33-year-old, from Dortmund, reflected: “Before I started with the mods I already looked like a punk and before that I looked normal and boring.

    “It’s a little bit strange to see old pictures of me but they show my change. I much prefer how I am now and I don’t regret anything.

    “I’m really happy with my actual look even though some people don’t like or understand it.”

    Tobias, who has stretched his earlobes to 60mm, was 18 when he got his first tattoo and 20 when he began introducing body modifications.

    His most extreme was his eyeball tattoo and although the dangers are high, he is now hoping to get his second one inked.

    “My family thinks that I have too much now and that I took too many risks with some things,” he acknowledged.

    “But they accept me as I am and we have a very good relationship.”

    Tobias, whose journey is far from complete, added: “The eyeball tattoo wasn’t painful for me but the risk is very high. If something went wrong you could lose your eyesight.

    “But there are many more plans I have for the future. I want to fill the gaps on my body with tattoos and I want some more piercings, more subdermal implants and I want to get my second eyeball tattooed and so on.”

    The inspiration behind Tobias’ body art comes from his childhood when he used to admire people with tattoos.

    As he got older he began researching the internet for photos of tattoos before finding images of subdermal implants and split tongues.

    “I wanted them too,” he explained.

    And he has since spent £10,000 making the alterations over the past 16 years, including recently getting inked once a week.

    Although he faces no discrimination at his work place, people can react aggressively towards him in public.

    But as for his message to those with negative opinions about his alterations, he said: “Stop judging anyone for the way they look.

    “It doesn’t mean anything about the person.

    “It’s just a personal taste and if it bothers you so much you should probably change something in your life that you are so unhappy with yourself.”


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