Cardi B Shares FaceApp-Filtered Photo of What She Thinks She'll Look Like 'When I Am 80'

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It looks like 80-year-old Cardi B will be just as glamorous as she is now!

In a since-deleted Instagram post, the rapper, 26, shared a photo of herself using the aging filter of FaceApp — but she didn’t seem all too impressed with the app’s prediction of what she’ll look like in old age.

“Me throwing up,” Cardi said in the caption of the photo, which PEOPLE captured before it was deleted. “when I am 80.”

The photo shows Cardi sporting long red hair, a red bandana and a giant “Cardi B” necklace.

Cardi isn’t the only celebrity to participate in what some online are calling the #FaceAppChallenge.

Earlier on Tuesday, Drake shared a photo of himself sporting a grey beard, inviting his fans to offer up captions in exchange for OVO tickets. Other stars — like Gordon Ramsay, the Jonas Brothers and Steph Curry — also shared what their glow-ups of the future may look like.

Cardi might not be ready to celebrate her own eightieth birthday, but she was plenty excited to celebrate the first birthday of her daughter Kulture earlier this month.

The “Press” singer even wrote a birthday rap in honor of her daughter.

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“I ain’t even meet you and I love you to death” she raps in the song. “Performed live on TV, I hid you under my dress / We did the ruffles and fur coats a hundred different ways but / Seems like you’re getting larger every day.”

“Hearing public opinions about my private decisions,” she continues. “And that right there is enough to drive you crazy / Complete strangers, talking about my baby / Coming from people that never used to check me / They brought opinions but nothing off the registry.”

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Kulture’s first birthday party was made even more special by the New York blackout that took place over the weekend — which Cardi said was a “negative situation” that turned into a “LITUATION.”

After explaining that she had initially wanted to have Kulture’s party in New York instead of New Jersey, Cardi said that even though there was an entire hour where the party had no lights or music, she and Kulture both had a ton of fun.

“Omg I had soooooo much f— fun and my daughter as well,” she said on Instagram. “Thank ya sooo much everybody that came, I know my daughter won’t remember this day but when she older and have her kids this will be a good story to tell lols. I will be daydream this day for ma long.”

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