Coleen Nolan still feels Bernies presence as she shares career announcement

Coleen Nolan says she still feels the presence of her late sister Bernie Nolan a decade after her tragic death.

The Loose Women star, 58, has announced she's going on her first solo tour next year.

It will be the first time she'll hit the road without her famous sisters but the singer has revealed that she'll still perform the hits that made her family's group famous.

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"It would be stupid of me to try and leave that out really. It's because of those songs we became as famous as we did," Coleen told Daily Star.

"I'll definitely do some Nolan songs which will be very embarrassing when I open in Blackpool and my sisters will be sitting there.

"Who knows they might jump up and join in, hopefully."

Coleen went on to share that the band probably would have toured again but Bernie's death in 2013 changed her mind.

She explained: "We did a reunion tour in 2009 and we hadn't performed as the actual group in 25 years before then and it was the best tour we ever did. We absolutely loved it.

"Bernadette especially loved it and we probably would have done it again but we lost Bernie.

"I felt there was kind of conversation going around saying 'the rest of you can go on tour' but I can't without Bernie do an actual Nolans thing because she was the Nolans.

"I decided I probably won't ever do this again really but now I think the time is right."

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Coleen says her sisters' cancer battles have inspired her to "bite the bullet" and tick her dream of doing a solo tour off her bucket list.

"It's actually Bernie, and now Linda with what she's going through, is spurring me on to do it and life is too short" Coleen said.

"I do feel if Bernie did communicate with me she'd go 'stop being an idiot, get up and do it. Don't regret it.

"I definitely feel Bernie's presence."

Fans can expect tears, laughter and plenty of singing as Coleen is set to take audience members back to her first long of performing by singing a selection of her favourite songs which have become the soundtrack to her life.

Coleen Nolan's 16-date Naked tour kicks off in Blackpool on February 9 and ends in Swansea on March 28. For tickets head to

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