'Drag Race' Star Trinity K. Bonet Reveals What It Was Like To Work With Taylor Swift on 'You Need to Calm Down'

Taylor Swift’s latest video, “You Need to Calm Down,” features a plethora of LGBTQ celebrities, including Ellen DeGeneres getting a tattoo, and Queer Eye’s Fab Five sipping tea. RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Trinity K. Bonet was also in on the fun (she played Cardi B in the “Pop Queen Pageant” sequence) and recently spoke to Page Six about what it was really like to work on a Swift music video. The vibe, apparently, is shockingly chill.  

What it’s really like to be on the set of a Taylor Swift music video

Bonet initially got the call about appearing in a mystery project from her friend Todrick Hall, the co-executive producer on “You Need to Calm Down” and good friend of Swift’s. Hall called Bonet and asked if she’d like to work on an upcoming video he was working on–the whole thing was very vague. But Bonet “put two and two together; if this [shoot] wasn’t for him, it had to be for her.”

When Bonet actually got to set, she said she was shocked at how chill everyone was. Swift would drink and chat with the performers. 


“I’ve been on a lot of productions, but this was one of the easiest I’ve been a part of because they made us feel so comfortable,” she said. “Just a really comfortable, casual day. Taylor was there with us the whole time, drinking champagne with us and taking pictures, walking around with no security or anything. Talking to her was like talking to a friend.”

Taylor Swift knows how to treat her performers

Bonet went on to say that her entire experience, from the transportation that was provided to the hotel she was put up in, was a luxurious joy. 

“The hotel they put us up in, the car service, the food and the pay were amazing,” Bonet said. “Honestly, there’s nothing I could say about the project or the people involved that wouldn’t be positive. If Taylor asked to work together again, I’d do so in a heartbeat.”


And on top of a great filming experience, Bonet says she’s ecstatic with the result. 

“It was an honor. Taylor told us it was going to be the biggest video she’d ever done, but when I saw [the final version], I was ecstatic.”

Trinity K. Bonet wants to keep seeing drag in pop culture


Bonet had a wonderful time filming “You Need to Calm Down,” and she loves how the project turned out, but what she loves even more is seeing drag performers in pop culture. She wants to continue helping drag catapult into the mainstream.  

“There are still so many talented queens that deserve their turn, not to mention so many trans entertainers,” she said. “But I’m excited about the fact that drag is so accepted now, and that it’s something we’re able to showcase worldwide.”

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