Eighties pop-stars then and now – weight loss transformations to career changes

From Prince Charmings to Wild Boys and teen pop sensations, the eighties brought us some of the biggest stars – and some of the biggest looks.

Whether it was huge mullets and big hair, bold make-up, matching tailored suits or highwayman outfits, there were plenty of interesting fashion choices made by some our favourite eighties pop-stars.

Many fans copied their style, whether that was gluing beer bottle caps onto their shoes like heart throbs Bros, or wearing pirate outfits like Adam Ant.

Here we look at some of the huge eighties stars then and now – from ageless appearances to weight loss transformations and new looks.

Duran Duran

Eighties heartthrobs Duran Duran became known as 'the fab five' when they rose to fame in the eighties with hits including The Reflex, Rio, Save a Prayer and Hungry Like the Wolf.

They were also on every teenager's walls, with their poster boy good looks and cheeky charms delighting fans across the world.

The band were well known for their multi-coloured tailor suits in the iconic Rio video, channelling some of the biggest designer looks of the day.

Having recently released their first studio album in six years, Future Past, the band are looking as stylish as they did in their heyday.

While their hair might be shorter than back in the days of Wild Boys, the band don't seem to have aged a day, still looking incredible in their designer outfits, with the same infectious Duran Duran energy that keeps generations of fans enthralled with their music.


Teen sensation Tiffany scored her first UK number with the song I Think We're Alone Now, with the video for the song seeing the singer wearing some of the biggest trends of the time – including controversial double denim.

The singer won legions of fans as she performed in shopping malls across America, before hitting the top of the charts and going on to sell over four million copies of her self-titled debut album.

Nowadays, Tiffany shows off a more rock 'n' roll vibe in her outfits, with leather jackets and boots a signature staple in her performance wardrobe.

Her love of fashion also lent itself to her business, Tiffany's Boutique in Nashville, telling People magazine: "My goal is to provide fashion for real women – any size, any age."

She also continues to tour, performing at retro music festivals across the world including UK's Rewind Festival, and releasing acoustic blues inspired albums including 2016's A Million Miles.

Adam Ant

Adam Ant was the Prince Charming on the early eighties, delighting fans with pirate and highwayman ensembles onstage and in the videos for Stand and Deliver and Ant Music.

From the signature stripe across his nose, to his make-up on the cover of the Prince Charming record sleeve, Adam Ant's looks are some of the eighties most recognisable and fondly remembered.

While the stripe across his nose and iconic eighties looks have long since gone, Adam does sometimes still wear Prince Charming style jackets onstage while on tour.

He has also announced a new series of UK concert dates for 2022, saying in an official statement: "I’m very much looking forward to playing live again… there’s nothing like it… I hope everyone hasn’t forgotten how to have fun!”

Belinda Carlisle

Singer Belinda Carlisle launched a successful solo career in the late eighties, after being part of chart-topping group The Go-Gos.

She dazzled fans in the videos for hits including Circles in the Sand, Leave a Light On and number one record Heaven is a Place on Earth, while enchanting them with her powerful vocals that had fans hitting the dance floor.

Appearing on programmes including Good Morning Britain, Belinda looks incredible, showing off her signature beautiful smile and ageless appearance.

She continues to tour across the world, releasing albums including 2017's Wilder Shores, and in 2018, she joined artists including Thompson Twins Tom Bailey as she supported Culture Club on their UK tour.

Belinda and her fellow Go-Gos band members were also recently inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame.

The Human League

The Human League first burst onto the synth-pop scene with their bold make-up looks and Philip Oakey's memorable hair cut with long fringe that covered one half of his face.

Along with hits including Don't You Want Me, The Sound of the Crowd and Keep Feeling Fascination, the band were known both for their looks and catchy, chart topping pop hits.

While the make-up may be less bold and the hair less extravagant now days, the Human League are still as stylish as ever – whether that's their onstage outfits on tour, or the stylised appearances of their concert sets.

Fans can enjoy seeing the band on tour this December too, as The Human League take to the stage to celebrate 40 years of their Dare album.

Paul Young

Soul singer Paul Young was another eighties heart throb with his big brown eyes, long black hair and voice that had listeners melting as he crooned to songs including Wherever I Lay My Hat, That's My Home and Every Time You Go Away.

As 1983 went into 1984, his hair became longer and his pop stardom also grew, performing on songs including Band Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas and duetting with Alison Moyet at Live Aid, along with releasing multiple chart topping albums including The Secret of Association.

Now sporting grey hair and a beard, Paul Young still looks and sounds amazing nearly 40 years later.

As well as touring and celebrating the anniversary of his chart topping No Parlez album in 2018, he also continues to perform with his band Los Pacaminos, who he formed in 1993.

However, instead of being the lead singer, Paul provides backing vocals and plays guitar with the band.


With their chiselled good looks, swept back hair and iconic boots with beer bottle caps stuck on, Bros were on the walls of many teenagers bedrooms in the late eighties.

As soon as they sang When Will I Be Famous, they didn't have to wait long to find out their answer, as the band were catapulted straight to the top of the charts.

Their rise to fame and fall from the top of the charts was documented in the critically acclaimed 2018 documentary Bros: When the Screaming Stops, which saw brothers Matt and Luke Goss reunite for their first Bros concerts in decades.

Showcasing a new look with muscular figures, leather jackets and tans, the brothers looked incredible as they shared the story of their childhood, pop stardom and their careers in California, with Matt singing in Las Vegas and Luke becoming a Hollywood actor.

Alison Moyet

The beautiful Alison Moyet had an equally beautiful voice, which sound tracked hits including eighties dance floor anthems Don't Go and the gorgeous Only You, back in the early part of the decade.

Her trademark powerful voice lent itself well to her bluesy tracks including That Ole Devil Called Love and All Cried Out, releasing her debut solo album Alf in 1984.

After a career hiatus in the nineties, she returned to music with 2004's voice album, releasing 2013's Minutes and 2017's Other albums, along with continuing to perform across the world.

In 2013, she also showed off an impressive weight loss transformation onstage and on various TV programmes, telling The Mirror in an interview that she had lost weight for health reasons, incredibly going from a size 22 to a size 10.

Nick Heyward

With his cheeky smile and good looks, Nick Heyward was one of the eighties' teen heartthrobs when he and band Haircut 100 first appeared on the music scene.

Their hits including Love plus one and Fantastic day were the epitome of summer fun, making the band a smash hit with fans.

After two years, Nick went his separate way and released solo hits including Whistle Down the Wind.

Nearly 40 years later and Nick doesn't look any different, apart from a little bit of stubble and darker hair, still showing that same cheeky smile in photos on his Instagram page with fiancé Sarah.

He most recently released his solo album Woodland Echoes in 2017, and continues to perform at retro music festivals across the country.

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