Elvis Presley: Were the Memphis Mafia always armed with guns? Kings cousin shares truth

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During the 1970s, Elvis Presley became obsessed with guns and was often carrying a firearm. Last year, Express.co.uk spoke with Elvis expert David English who said The King increased his personal security after receiving a death threat. In his Las Vegas residency shows, Elvis would walk through the audience and give girls a kiss.

English shared: “But that was quickly stopped because a few weeks after that there was a death threat made against him. It got quite complicated. There was a paternity suit as well.

“So there was a heavier security presence. He got really eccentric with guns after this death threat. So all through the autumn of 1970, he started to collect – almost obsessively – guns and contacted lots of police forces around the country.

“He would fly to their headquarters, donate money and then they would give him a badge. He did some fairly eccentric things, going further into the seventies.”

But since the Memphis Mafia were his bodyguards, were they armed with guns when Elvis was out and about?

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