Emmerdales Meena star says fans bombard her with dirty and gross pictures

Emmerdale star Paige Sandhu has admitted to receiving X-rated messages from fans who send her messages on social media.

The actress who is known to fans for playing twisted murderer Meena Jutla in the long-running soap also offers her supporters personalised video messages on social media.

However, some of her followers clearly take things a step too far.

Talking to The Sun about the suggestive messages, Paige said: "One guy requested to take me out on a date, I turned him down.

"Another wanted to see my 'killer' feet.

"I’ve had a lot of dirtier things, too, I get sent pictures showing what they have in their jeans, it’s gross."

Paige's character Meena was the central catalyst in Emmerdale's recent survival week.

During the explosive week, which saw certain characters fighting for their lives, Meena was on the prowl to commit another killing.

Due to the fact that Victoria Sugden has been getting rather close to Meena's man David Metcalfe, the unhinged nurse thought it would be best to get rid of Victoria altogether.

However, Meena's plans backfired when Andrea Tate caught her red-handed trying to drown Victoria in the canyon.

But with the incriminating information to hand, Andrea's life was certainly in danger and Meena took it upon herself to chase Andrea down once she knew Andrea had caught her.

Andrea seemed to be terrified by Meena as she tried to run away from her as fast as she could while seeking help.

However, running into a cornfield was probably the mother-of-one's biggest mistake, as Meena was able to easily trap her.

After a brief discussion which ended in the two women scrapping, Andrea fires a flare gun but it ended up setting the cornfield into an uncountable blaze.

Making sure Andrea doesn't escape, Meena strikes her head with a fatal blow, leaving Andrea in the cornfield to fend for herself.

Despite surviving the injury to her head, Andrea was unable to get out of the cornfield as was consumed by the smoke and the fire.

Speaking about her exit from the soap, Anna Nightingale who plays Andrea admitted that she is happy her character was killed off by Meena in this way.

In a recent press interview, the star said: "What a way to go.

"The storyline they created for my exit was beyond what I expected."

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