Fleur East teases life goal collaboration with Spice Girls legend Mel B

Singer Fleur East has hinted that should Mel B MBE come calling, she's prepared to collaborate with the music icon.

Fleur, 34, and Melanie Brown, 46, recently attended The MEN Pride of Manchester Awards on Tuesday (May 10) at the Kimpton Clocktower Hotel.

The former X Factor star had been presenting the Child of Courage Award to PixieBelle Sykes, nine, who has had four brain operations.

She also lost sight in one eye during chemotherapy after being diagnosed with a rare tumour behind her eye when she was just five.

PixieBelle is now just one of 60 people across the globe who is benefitting from a new experimental treatment, taken in a tablet form.

Addressing a potential collab with Scary Spice, Fleur exclusively told Daily Star: "100 per cent, I'm there, it's not even a question.

"That is a life goal, I would love that."

However, she ruled out ever replacing any member of the Spice Girls if she was ever asked to be part of the lineup.

"I could never replace them," she exclaimed before adding: "I could never do that but maybe a duet with them, that would be fun.

"To do a collaboration with them on stage."

Discussing the performance, the Hits Breakfast host said: "[It would be] a mash-up, similar to Little Mix when we did Sax Magic, that is one my highlights of life, I absolutely loved it."

The power vocalist shed light on some of her career highlights, explaining: "Bumping into Mel B, being on talking terms with Scary Spice, I was obsessed with the Spice Girls.

"It really hit home when she invited me to see the Spice Girls as her guest and I went backstage, I mean, what is life? Everyday I'm so grateful for what I get to do, you never know how long something is going to last."

Fleur later revealed that she had been secretly working on music after her last album, Fearless, was released in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

She said: "The timing was horrendous and then it took a while for me to get through that stage but now I'm so ready.

"I've been in the studio writing and actually, a lot of my songs, although I haven't released them have been used in other campaigns.

"I've got a song out called Confidence which is being used for Lovestruck High which is a new dating series and I've had music in Neighbours, in the series, it's mad."

The star went on to add: "So the music I've been doing has been used for other things, so I'm still getting to create and I love it but I'm ready to release new music."

The MEN Pride of Manchester Awards, in partnership with TSB, will premiere on YouTube at 7pm on Tuesday 17 th May – youtube.com/prideofbritainawards.

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