Gary Numan Hopes to Influence Fans’ Views on Climate Change With New Album

The former Tubeway Army frontman talks about his newly-released studio album ‘Intruder’ and explains the message he hopes to convey to his loyal fans with the record.

AceShowbizGary Numan hopes his new album “Intruder” will encourage his fans to reconsider their politics.

The “Cars” star peaked at number two on the U.K. charts this week (28May21) with his latest record, which explores the climate crisis from the viewpoint of planet earth.

But the singer admits that, beyond sales and chart success, he’d love to see his songs force fans to “just think” about their political views.

“People that don’t think climate change is real, or think it’s been a little bit sort of hyped up as a problem… I would like them to think about it and realise that it is very real and it is a very serious problem. And therefore, they might change who they vote for,” he tells

“Who you vote for sends a very clear signal as to what you want your future to be and the world’s future to be,” continues Gary. “And I think that will bring pressure and help overcome the obstacles in the way of people that are trying to do something.”

He adds, “If you can do that, then you can create enough pressure on the powers that be to do enough to slow down the climate issue at the moment. So that by the time the young people come of age and come into power, they will actually be in a position that they can do something fundamental to change the way we live on the planet.”

“That’s what it needs and we are almost out of time. I tend to think that if my children don’t do it, we’re probably lost.”

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