Gordon Ramsay swears at super-fan who appears with life-size cutout during meal

Gordon Ramsay swore at his super-fan whilst out dining.

The TV Chef is known for his expletive antics and foul-mouthed rants on various television shows such as Hells Kitchen, Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares and the F Word.

But it seems he might have taken the mantra a little too far this time whilst he was out for dinner at the Ox and Finch restaurant in Glasgow over the weekend.

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The father of five looked taken aback as a fan approached the table with a life sized cardboard cutout of the Savoy Grill chef.

Gordon took to his TikTok to share the awkward encounter to his 33 million fans on the video sharing site, captioning the video: "I was just trying to have a nice #dinner in #Glasgow when this happened….."

The video stars with a robotic female voice saying "When I try to have a nice dinner…"

Gordon was caught nervously laughing as the superfan approached the group with the strange prop.

The Chef exclaimed: 'What in the f**k are you doing? People are eating dinner. Where did you get that from?'

When one fellow diner asked: "Gordon are you flattered?", the Master Chef judge was quick to fire back as he emphasized his embarrassment at the lifelike inanimate object.

He quickly harked back: "NO!"

The clip has so far received over 2.8million views and over 325,000 likes as of the time of writing.

It comes as Gordon's pal and co-star Fred Sirieix shared his most annoying habits.

Talking about the pair's most annoying traits, Fred said: "Gordon is always right which can be annoying at times and sometimes he is wrong. He doesn't understand that but we just say nothing.

"Gino doesn't want to do anything he wants to do what he wants to do and it's like 'c'mon mate' and he's like 'I'm not doing that' and it's like 'f*** sake, Gino'. But there's nothing you can do you cant change them

"A leopard doesn't change their spots it's just who they are and I think we are too old to change now."


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