Harry Styles – Statement issued after One Direction stars injury

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Harry Styles is currently in the middle of his 167-date world tour, titled Love On Tour. At the moment, the former One Direction star is in the USA playing shows across California. However, it hasn’t been a complete success, as footage surfaced overnight showing the star being attacked on stage by passionate fans.

The videos in question showed Harry thanking his fans on stage before a bag of Skittles was thrown at him.

While the bag missed him, the sweetie shrapnel scattered in the air and thwacked the 28-year-old in his left eye.

Various videos showed different angles of the painful moment, which resulted in Harry keeling over in pain as he grasped at his eye with his fingers.

Now, an official response has been issued by Skittles’ Twitter account addressing the controversial moment.

Following the news on social media, Skittles’ official Twitter account wrote: “Didn’t think I needed to say this: Please don’t throw Skittles.”

Of course, although Skittles were used as a weapon against Harry, the brand was not involved in the attack.

They even confirmed as much when one angry Harry Styles fan replied: “public enemy #1.”

Skittles replied: “I had nothing to do with that incident.”

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Fans of the Don’t Worry Darling star have been very vocal in condemning the deed. In particular, they have been calling for concert-goers to be more sensible during events.

One angry fan asked: “Don’t they understand that this is dangerous and they could have blinded him?”

Another said: “Are you guys f**king stupid? In what world is that okay?”

With another adding: “This could truly hurt him, damage his sight or anything else for that matter. Please don’t.”

An impassioned Harry fan raged: “Stop throwing things on stage full stop. It’s just not safe for anyone involved, you could hit Harry like in this video, you could hit one of the band members, you could hit an audience member, Harry could trip over it, it’s not safe. Do not throw things.”

Harry has had a tough month playing music for his fans. Just last week he was forced to reschedule three November tour dates due to “the flu”.

He released a statement to his fans, saying: “Towards the end of the show on Wednesday, I started feeling ill, and I’ve been in bed with the flu ever since. I’ve been doing everything I can to be able to sing tonight, but I’m leaving the doctor now, and I’m devastated that it’s just not possible.”

Harry added: “Until very recently I haven’t had to postpone a show due to illness in the 12 years I’ve been touring. I’m so sorry to do it, and if there was anyway I could do the show I would.”

He apologised for the news being released so close to the show’s doors opening, before saying: “It was my sincerest hope to be able to play for you tonight. I know several of you have planned trips to LA to see the show, and it means the absolute world to me.”

The shows, which were originally going to take place on November 5, 6, and 7, have now been rescheduled for January 26, 27, and 29 in 2023.”


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