Heartbreaking life of Michael Jacksons chimp – suicide attempt and life now

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It might have seemed like it was all fun and games for Bubbles the monkey, Michael Jackson’s pet, but some claim life was hard for the little fella.

The cute little guy set Jackson back a huge $65,000, with the two often seen and out about together afterwards.

Bubbles was brought from an animal trainer in the 1980s and resided at Neverland for much of the time after that.

He travelled with Jackson during his ‘Bad’ world tour and, according to the Mirror, drank tea with the mayor of Osaka while he was in Japan.

Before his move to Neverland, Bubbles lived at the Jackson house. After his move he shared a room with Jackson, snoozing in his own little cot.

It has been claimed that Bubbles would throw his poo around the mansion in classic chimp style and even ate sweets while he watched the big screen.

But despite the jovial anecdotes, some claim that Bubbles was mistreated by Jackson.

Jane Goodall, a top primatologist, claimed that Bubbles had been kicked in the stomach and punched in the face during his time living with the pop star.

She also claimed that Jackson got angry when she tried to bring up the subject with him.

In an interview with TMZ she said: "I went to see him and we talked about Bubbles. I ticked him off.

"Bubbles is still alive and he’s beautiful. But when he was with Michael he was being beaten."

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While Goodall didn’t specify who she thought the abuser was, others have been more willing to testify about who the culprit was.

The ex-husband of Jackson’s sister La Toya, Jack Gordon, reported seeing Bubble being beaten by Jackson.

"I saw Michael punch Bubbles in the face, kick him in the stomach”, he said.

Such allegations have been denied by the Jackson family.

Now, a new documentary from ITV hosted by Ross Kemp gives some more information on the matter.

Goodall tells Kemp of the violence alleged to have taken place towards Bubbles, and claims that Jackson smiled as she showed the primate images and footage of monkeys in circuses and laboratories.

In the programme, called Searching for Michael Jackson’s Zoo, she says: "He looked at me and [asked] ‘you wouldn't approve of a chimp being hit over the head, would you?’ I said, ‘No, Michael, you know I wouldn't.’

"Bubbles was hit when he did something wrong. Michael said that once he was hit across the room. I said, ‘Well, Michael, did you think that was all right?’ And he said, ‘No, not really.’"

In 2003, Bubbles is believed to have been moved to a trainer in California after he reached a whopping 12 stone and became increasingly aggressive.

People felt Michael’s new son, Prince Michael II, could have been in danger from the Monkey, speeding up the process of Bubbles being ex-communicated.

Goodall claims Bubbles was replaced with a new, younger version also by the name of Bubbles.

After his move, Bubbles is said to have attempted suicide following Jackson being charged with molestation, according to the Times of India.

Centre For Great Apes founder, Patti Ragan said: “Bubbles definitely missed [Jackson] when they parted and will miss him now,"

"Chimpanzees are intelligent. They remember people and stuff. Bubbles and Michael were close friends and playmates.

"The last time Michael visited, Bubbles definitely recognised and remembered him."

These days though, 39-year-old Bubbles is said to be much more relaxed, with a life of listening to music and doing painting replacing the hectic schedule of being the world’s most famous monkey.

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