Hi, Drake Married 24 Women in His New Music Video for “Falling Back”

Just as we all were coming to grips with the reality that Beyoncé will be blessing the world with a brand-new album called Renaissance on July 29, Drake went ahead and made a *similar* announcement—he, too, has an entire album (called Honestly, Nevermind) ready to go, and it’s already here! So pretty much all of his 114 million followers were like:

For others though, Drake’s announcement lowkey gave, ‘Oh, sh*t, Beyoncé is dropping music?! Let me release mine first so it doesn’t get swallowed up by hers.’ LOL. But I, for one, am not mad! Clearly, Drake heard our collective pleas for a summer soundtrack and delivered. So now, you will basically find me like this until September:

Shortly before sharing his album announcement though, Drake also disclosed on Instagram that he started a radio show called “Table for One,” and it also premiered this week—just one hour before his album was available, to be exact. And during the show, Drake debuted the album’s first single “Falling Back.”

According to Genius, the entire point of “Falling Back” is about a relationship where [Drake] continues to give his all, but the feelings are not reciprocated equally. He has become the fallback rather than a focal point.” It has a similar vibe to “Too Good,” his 2016 song with Rihanna about a complicated relationship from Views, which also had the bangers “One Dance,” “Controlla,” “Pop Style,” and of course, “Hotline Bling.”

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