Jamie Theakston issues update after raging at p***k thieves for stealing car

Heart FM presenter Jamie Theakston has thanked fans for their support after his stolen vintage Triumph convertible was thankfully found on a motorway.

Earlier this week, the 52-year-old headed over to social media to share his grievances with his fans after his classic motor was stolen. Sharing snaps of his green car outside his home with his dogs in the passenger seat, he also warned the culprit(s) that they had "picked the wrong one".

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, he wrote at the time: "To the p***k who stole our car last night – you picked the wrong one – it's completely unique and everyone is looking for it. He ended his message by asking his followers to "spread the word."

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However, things took a delightful turn for Jamie as his stolen vehicle was later discovered. Heading over to Instagram, Jamie praised his supporters, while giving a special shout-out to Mark, the man who found his classic motor.

Sharing a snap of his car on the hard shoulder of a motorway, as well as a picture alongside Mark and his wife, he wrote: "This is Mark and his wife – he found our car last night in Surrey – he's a superhero. The next picture shows the car on the hard shoulder after the thieves drained the radiator and its final journey home on a low loader.

"THANKS to everyone who helped bring her home. It's been a busy night – Now for a brief moments sleep before my breakfast show …"

When his car was previously taken, Jamie's wife, Sophie also took to social media to share the "horrible news". Providing further information on the vehicle, she also said it was the family's "pride and joy".

This isn't the first time the radio presenter has had his motor stolen as it was also taken in October last year. Explaing how it happened on his Heart FM breakfast radio show at the time, he said: "It was 2am when my doorbell rings and it's the police.

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"They say: 'Mr Theakston your car has been stolen. It's just appeared on a tracker and it's about an hour away'."

Jamie said he realised he knew who the person was. He continued: "I quickly realised that the woman had nicked the keys off the table in the hall-way." Thankfully for Jamie, police were able to track down his vehicle in what the star said was a "dramatic night".

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