Jeremy Clarkson confesses to having two wardrobes – with one chubby closet

Telly scruffbag Jeremy Clarkson has two wardrobes – one for thin clothes and the other for gear he wears when he is fat.

The denim-loving Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Host said the chubby closet was his “every day cupboard”.

He admitted he can barely squeeze into anything in the other one but keeps the clobber as “nostalgic reminders of happier times”.

Clarkson, 61, said he needs clothes made-to-measure because he knows nothing off the peg will fit.

“I’m hundreds of feet long and Lowry-thin everywhere except round the middle where it looks as if I’ve eaten a space hopper,’’ he said.

“I have to have things made to measure. But I don’t have the time to do that.

“I have a number of shirts, jackets and trousers that don’t fit.

“In the past a person in this position would have given them to a charity shop but not any more.

“Now I hang on to them because in my mind, after I’ve been on my next diet, I’ll be able to fit into them again.

“In my new house I even have two wardrobes – one for my thin clothes and one for those I can wear when I’m fat. “

The Grand Tour presenter said he no longer keeps any clothes for posh events – because he refuses to go anywhere that has a dress code.

“I certainly don’t have a fat dinner jacket and a thin one,’’ he said.

“Or a fat morning coat and a thin one.

“I have neither the time nor the inclination to buy two of this sort of thing.

“Which is why, nowadays, I simply decline all invitations to events that require a specialist dress code.’’

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