Jonathan Ross’s daughter Honey models skimpy swimwear range

Jonathan Ross’s daughter Holly has just announced she is the new face of the “special and inclusive” swimwear brand Snagtights.

The 24-year-old, who is an ardent activist for body positivity and the fight against fat-shaming, posed in a brightly coloured two-piece on Instagram to mark the occasion.

Holly can be seen on her hands and knees in lush grass, laughing as she shows off her curves.

She said she is “overjoyed” to be working with Snagtights and that their “refusal to compromise on quality and ethics is outstanding".

The brand caters for everyone from size 4 through to 38, Honey said.

Honey also said in her lengthy caption: “Because everyone deserves to feel confident and radiant when they’re out enjoying their hot girl summer staycation! In terms of fit, I was blown away – all the looks are designed on a size 24 model, but fitted on a huge array of people with different body shapes and heights – so the range is tried and tested to work for everyone.

“It’s also made of 50% recycled material, and is so comfortable and supportive – I hate underwire, so I adore that snag use power-mesh instead – so the girls stay up and sitting, and you can enjoy all the support without any discomfort.”

Honey, who has previously blasted her parents chat show king Jonathan and screenwriter mum Jane Goldman for encouraging her to go on a diet, also shared that she loves to wear her smalls “high on her hip” and make them “as skimpy as possible”.

She added: “I love having the option to adjust it, to suit my vibe and not get a wedgie.”

In other promo shots, Honey can be seen frolicking around the field, showing just how versatile her new swimmer can be.

She also enthused about Snagtights' "fully accredited and audited factory” so that she knows the pieces are made in good working conditions and the staff are happy

Honey’s 49,000 fans were happy, too.

One called her “divine” while another gushed: “I used to work with the woman who started this brand and confirm she’s badass – also I’m PSYCHED they’re doing swimwear now?!?!”

Honey is also anti-diet and candidly told Loose Women in 2020: "I have parents who were raised in the same society as all of us.

"They saw me, a teenage girl coming home saying, 'I hate my body'.

"They tried to give me solutions to a problem I brought to them, which was to lose weight.

"They presented me with diets and diets, as we know, don’t work and are absolutely toxic.”

Honey added: "I think fat is a good word, from the age of 18 I turned my views around and am comfortable in my fat body.

"You can be fat and happy!"

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