Kate Ferdinand posts moving note from stepkids after breaking down over son Cree

Kate Ferdinand poured out her emotions in a lengthy but honest post, along with a sweetly penned note that read: "Please stop crying I love you," that had been slipped underneath her bedroom door.

The 29-year-old, gave birth to baby Cree just days before Christmas but the birth wasn't straight-forward and poor Kate was taken to theatre for an emergency C-section.

With cesarean surgery, the recovery process takes a long time and can often be heartbreaking for new mums as the weeks go by, as devastated Kate relayed that she hadn't even been able to stand up holding her son for the first 11 days after he had been born.

It seems like things haven't got any better for football ace Rio Ferdinand's wife, who took to Instagram to tell fans she'd been "struggling" so much in lockdown that she shut herself away for a good crying session – that didn't seem to go unnoticed either.

Sharing the picture of the handwritten note, she penned: "Just when I thought the screaming baby would drown out the sound of my tears, I get this through the door – as if I wasn't emotional enough."

Giving some insight into her life, she went on: "To new mums, mums, step mums … and anyone who is struggling in lockdown, I feel you! Sometimes we just need to sneak in our room and have a little cry … even then, because of lockdown, we may have lots of little ears listening in.

"A mix of the new baby, lockdown, kids at home and lack of sleep have well and truly got me. I feel like I’m a robot going through the same routine daily, feed baby, wind baby, wait for him to wake and repeat."

The former reality star explained that she was fully aware of how lucky she actually was crediting her husband, family and pets but in spite of all the highs she detailed there had been many low points in her journey so far.

Kate pondered over why she had been so emotional, wondering if the after effects of having a C-section along with lockdown had been the root cause.

The TOWIE star continued: "I feel so lucky to have just welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world, some people never get to experience this amazing feeling, but my emotions and anxiety are at an all time high … all my coping mechanisms I’ve learnt over the years to keep my anxiety at bay I can't utilise. A workout, a long walk, some alone time.

"Everything passes, and I know too this soon shall pass, I’m just in it right now."

Looking to her legion of followers for comfort, she penned: "This is all new to me as I never normally talk openly with how I’m feeling on here in the present, I always open up when I'm feeling better or it leaves me feeling really vulnerable…. but your messages made me feel so much better last time and not alone.

"Now I feel I have a duty to show you the real not so perfect me…. here I am sharing how I’m feeling for anyone else feeling the same, I hope how I’m feeling can give you some comfort that you are also not alone.

"Lots of love."

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