Kid Cudi Avoids Death Twice in "Heaven On Earth" Visual

Kid Cudi has dropped off an accompanying music video for his Man On The Moon III: The Chosen cut, “Heaven On Earth.”

Directed by Nabil, the visual follows the release of “She Knows This” and serves as the second installment of the album’s two-part narrative short film. “Heaven On Earth” picks up right where its predecessor left off, and shows Cudder being resuscitated after the first video saw him drive off a cliff. It’s interesting to note that the intro of this new visual makes it seem like he’s deep underwater, but medics actually end up pulling him out of a pool, hinting that the events in “She Knows This” might not be real.

As the ambulance races through the streets and EMTs try to revive Cudi, he goes through an out of body experience with two different versions of himself: his current self that’s being resuscitated, and another self that’s wearing a three-piece suit, almost reminiscent of the one he wore on the album art of Man On The Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager. The ambulance gets into a terrible accident right as Cudi is revived, but he walks out of the vehicle unscathed and wearing the suit.

Watch Kid Cudi’s “Heaven On Earth” visual above.

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