Love Island winner Millie says she would have always split the money with Liam

Love Island winner Millie Reardon has confessed that she would have always split the £50,000 prize money with her partner Liam Reardon, despite his disloyal behaviour that took place in Casa Amor.

Millie, 24, was faced with the difficult decision of choosing to steal or divide the prize fund with her partner after she managed to attain the reward in her golden envelope.

But although several fans had hoped Millie stole the money, the buyer's administrator said she would have always split it with her beau.

Speaking openly she said: "No, never [would I not split it]. That didn’t cross my mind. I came on the show to find love at the end of the day, so we said for ages now, anything after that was a bonus.

"Then to receive that money, it was just incredible. But there wasn’t a doubt in my mind – I was going to share that with Liam because we’re about to experience life together."

Welsh hunk Liam also agreed with Millie's sentiments and said: "What I have with Millie money can’t buy, any money in the world would mean nothing to me unless I had Millie with me. I would have been splitting it one hundred million percent."

Once the happy couple were announced as the winners of the 2021 series, presenter Laura Whitmore asked the pair to pick an envelope each. One of the envelopes contained £0, while the other held the full £50,000.

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Millie successfully chose the sealable flap that contained the prize.

The news of the couple's win comes after Liam had a brief fling with Lillie Haynes while at Casa Amor.

Despite returning to the main villa without Lillie, news quickly broke out that Liam had been unfaithful when Lillie spilt the beans.

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Feeling distraught by the news, Millie gave Liam the cold shoulder for a few days but eventually came round once Liam proved his commitment to her.

Now the programme has come to an end, the happy pair have plans to move closer to each other in order for their romance to survive.

Speaking on frankly on Capital South Wales FM, Millie said: "Liam, I don’t think he was ever going to settle in Merthyr anyways, so I think it’s just easier for him to go up closer to Millie.

"He’s got loads of friends around the Essex and London area anyway, so I just think, it’s just easier for him to go."

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