Lukas Nelson Mourns Overturn of Roe v. Wade With Chilling New Song

Promise of the Wheel’s Lukas Nelson — son of Willie Nelson — shared a harrowing new song written in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Nelson posted a video of himself performing the song, along with its lyrics, on Instagram Sunday, saying he’d written the song the night before. Accompanied by some simple acoustic finger-picking, Nelson sings about three women forced to bring their pregnancies to term despite the extreme circumstances surrounding them, such as date rape, incest, and a miscarriage.

“Now the stars don’t shine for her at night,” Nelson sings on the chorus, “They’re just holes in the sky/They don’t give no light/And the darkness lingers/Endlessly/For she must carry the seed.”

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Nelson is far from the only musician to speak out against the Supreme Court’s recent decision on abortion rights, nor the only one to share some new music. A few days before the expected ruling was handed down, Ani DiFranco and Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard released a new song, “Disorders,” to raise awareness for reproductive rights. And after the Court overturned Roe, Cyndi Lauper re-released a rendition of her 1993 abortion rights song, “Sally’s Pigeons.”

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