Madonna divides fans with strange new look as she removes her eyebrows

Madonna has left fans divided after she shows off her new look with no eyebrows.

The Material Girl singer, 64, uploaded a clip to social media on Monday (September 13) which showed her rocking her new look.

She captioned the post: "Calling all Material Gworlllls!!"

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Her Instagram followers were left divided by her new look, with some urging her to change it already.

One wrote: "Can we have the eyebrows back, please?"

Another added: "#stopshavingyoureyebrowsladies."

While a third penned: "I just realized today that Whoopi has no eyebrows, either."

A fourth then shared: "I'm sorry for your loss (of eyebrows)."

A fifth remarked: "Finally, a post where you're not flashing your gusset and you've shaved your eyebrows off. That's new."

However, another quipped: "God save the real QUEEN!!!"

Whereas others said "she's 62 ish – you go girl" and "wow beautiful".

Others praised her and wrote: "You’re so beautiful. Tokischa looks at you like she really likes you. Always smiling. You deserve it."

Another scribed: "Love the black felt / fabric on your braids reminds me of your “borderline “single cover."

"Love this remix. Can’t believe most of your “fans” are sleeping on it," posted a fan.

However, others ranted: "For God's sake STOP! You are not coming off the way you want to. You are ruining your legacy and being laughed at. Is that what you want?

"Do you want your children mocked because of you? Not to mention it scares me to think of the crazy fu***ing people you allow around your children.

"Please stop letting these crazy people you barely know around your kids. Do you want to know why Rocco is not with you as much?

"This s*** right here is a big part of it. Grow up, stop drinking or using drugs and get your shit together. This isn't artistic.

"It's ridiculous and the same people hugging you & kissing your ass laugh at you when you turn away."

Another ranted: "I honestly never thought this would be her next chapter. I’m not hating I’m just shocked and disappointed that she would sell out against the societal pressure that she so strongly fought against."

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