Meghan and Harry could spark turmoil with UK return as feud predicted by psychic

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had the eyes of the world on them as they attended Buckingham Palace following Queen Elizabeth II's death.

They were joined by Prince William and Kate Middleton, prompting many to hope for their return as a group of four and call for The Duke and Duchess of Sussex to return to the UK.

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Speaking to Daily Star, International dating and relationship coach Christiana Maxion believes their return is imminent, particularly for a brief visit.

They said: "With the passing of the Queen, there is no doubt that family dynamics have changed and I am sure Harry’s Father, King Charles would want him at his upcoming Coronation at least."

Christiana explained that feuds are "inevitable", even in the Royal Family, but she added it was "typical" that a man will take his wife's side in a disagreement.

She continued: "Harry's return could cause a lot of turmoil in the family, but his bond with Meghan could strengthen in a possible 'us against the world' fashion, which always leads to more exclusion and battle."

However, Christiana explained that she thinks a permanent return for the couple is "out of the equation" if Harry's memoir gets the go-ahead.

However, if they were to return, she added that "rules" would need to be in place for the couple.

"Negotiations and compromises are inevitable. I have never seen Meghan as much of an Anglophile, and her experience so far has not been positive, let's be honest.

"The things we do for love play a huge part in these milestone decisions for any couple, and it is the strength between themselves as partners, with compromise on both sides, and being clear on each other's wants and needs that is necessary for a solid start."

Meghan and Harry returned to the US after Queen Elizabeth's funeral, but so far their plans are going ahead for their respective Netflix and book deals.

Harry's memoir was set to come out in Autumn 2022, but it has been postponed to 2023 following Her Majesty's death, The Telegraph has reported.

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