Meghan Markle left ‘sweating’ after Mariah Carey calls her ‘diva’ on new podcast

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Meghan Markle has denied that she is a "diva" on the latest episode of her new podcast – before being corrected by her popstar guest Mariah Carey.

After the long-awaited release of her first Archetypes episode last week (August 23), the Duchess of Sussex today (August 30) released the series' second episode, which featured a long interview with US pop star Mariah Carey.

After revealing some alleged royal truths in the first episode – including a claim that son Archie was almost caught in a fire on a royal trip – the ex-royal chatted about what it meant to be labelled a diva with her guest.

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And, Meghan was even left sweating when Mariah challenged the former royal's assertion that she doesn't consider herself a diva.

She said: "Yes the diva thing we can play into, It's not something that I connect to, but for you it's been a huge part…"

Mariah quickly interrupted her host, noting: "You give us diva moments sometimes Meghan, don't act like that…. A lot of it's the visual.

"Let's pretend that you weren't so beautiful and didn't have the whole thing and didn't have gorgeous ensembles, you wouldn't maybe get as much diva [attention].

"It's all about stealing the show, people strive for divadom, revel in it."

Meghan circled back to the conversation at the end of the podcast, and suggested that she had been shocked at first when her idol labelled her a diva.

"It was all going swimmingly, really well, until that moment happened when – I don't know about you – but it stopped me in my tracks, when she called me a diva," she acknowledged.

"I started to sweat a little bit, I started squirming in my chair in this quiet revolt, like 'wait, no what, that's not true, how could you'.

"My mind genuinely was just spinning with what nonsense she must have read or clicked on to make her say that."

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But, after fearing that her "girl-crush" was about to come crashing down, the Duchess described how she had reassured herself by understanding that Mariah's comments had focused on her appearance, and not her attitude.

"She must have felt my nervous laughter, and you all would have heard it too, and she jumped right in to make sure I was crystal clear," she suggested.

"When she said 'diva', she was talking about the way that I dress, the posture, the clothing, the 'fabulousness' as she sees it. She meant diva as a compliment, but I heard it as a dig."

At the end of the episode, Meghan revealed that next week's release will feature a conversation with actress Mindy Kaling.


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