Naughty Boys real name and massive net worth

One of the most talked about contestants on this year's edition of I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, Naughty Boy, has made some of the most successful music on YouTube of all time.

Naughty Boy, who based on his I'm A Celeb appearance seems to not be naughty but actually rather nice, rose to fame as a music producer and is behind 2013 chart sensation La La La.

At the time of writing the tune has over 1.1billion hits on YouTube, one of only around 200 to ever accomplish the feat.

His time on I'm A Celeb has been peppered with frequent threats to leave the show, which has caused his former co-star Richard Madeley to worry about how he may be coming across to voters.

Writing in the Telegraph, Madeley said: "Who will win? It’s anybody’s game, but I’d feel surer saying who won’t. Naughty Boy has been complaining, and misses his mum," he wrote.

"He has his reasons, but from the outside that looks pathetic; viewers never like a moaner."

Naughty is believed to have entered the show to raise awareness for dementia having been the primary carer for his mother, who suffers from the disease, for the past five years.

Here's everything you need to know about Naughty Boy…

What is Naughty Boy's real name?

Shockingly, Naughty Boy isn't his real name. He is actually called Shahid Khan.

Since he began caring for his mother in 2017 he has been an advocate for music therapy, claiming listening to music helps her cope with the disease.

In 2020 he became an ambassador of the charity Dementia UK, saying: “I’m so proud to announce that I’m an ambassador of Dementia UK and I hope that I can use my profile to raise awareness of the cause and the charity.

“I’m learning about dementia all the time so I’m hoping that the relationship will be mutually beneficial."

How old is Naughty Boy?

The Watford-born music man is now 40 years old, having gown up with Pakistani parents.

Many fans were surprised to hear that Naughty Boy is 40, after it was reported he'd publicly claimed to be 36.

He originally studied business and marketing at Guildhall University, but dropped out in his first year and instead started working for Dominoes and in a hospital.

In a life-changing moment he won £44,000 on the TV show Deal Or No Deal and used the money to build a music studio in his parents garden.

What is Naughty Boy's net worth 2021?

According to Celebrity Net Worth he has amassed a sizeable fortune of £2.5million largely through sales and streams of music and touring.

His artistic pedigree is high: He has worked with the likes of Zayn Malik, Beyoncé and Craig David, and so his wealth comes as no surprise.

In 2012 he signed a three year deal with Sony ATV and has had a contract with Virgin EMI Records.

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