Olly Murs confused as fan claims he farted at them in hilarious toilet encounter

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Olly Murs has taken to social media to share a rather funny story that a fan has written about their apparent encounter with him.

The statement was found on an Internet forum and left the former X Factor star utterly perplexed.

The singer shared a screenshot of the fan's tale onto his Instagram grid and asked his followers whether they believed the funny story.

The 37-year-old addressed the fan's claim and made his followers laugh at the hilarious situation which involved a theatre worker allegedly meeting the star for the first time.

The hitmaker uploaded the post alongside the caption: "Read this and honestly tell me if you think I actually did this…"

The post then read: "I used to work at a popular London theatre so would deal with 'celebs' on a weekly basis.

"My weirdest encounter has to be when I met Olly Murs in the backstage toilets.

"I was washing my hands when he exited a cubicle."

The anonymous forum user continued: "I noticed he kept looking at me in the mirror so I smiled at him, he then looked at me in the mirror again dead in the eye and did a massive fart that sounded like someone saying OLLY MURS and while he did it, he opened his mouth to mouth the words 'Olly Murs'.

"I swear to God it was one of the most random/brilliant/disgusting things that’s ever happened to me."

They added: "We both burst out laughing after he did it. Was so funny.

"He then left the toilet and when I saw him in the bar about an hour later, he winked at me and mouthed 'Olly Murs' from across the room and burst out laughing again. Honestly, I’m p*****g myself just thinking about it."

The Dear Darlin' singer neither confirmed nor denied the outlandish tale and left it up to his 3.6million followers to decide.

One wrote: "This is the funniest thing I've ever EVER read."

While another wrote: "Wouldn't shock me to be fair."

And a third penned: " This sounds like something you would do mate."

A fourth commented: "100% this happened."

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