Our Yorkshire Farms Amanda Owen throws one birthday bash for her nine children

Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen thinks people will be "mortified" to find out that she celebrates all her nine children's birthdays at one party together in the summer

Amanda has Raven, 20, Reuben, 16, Miles, 15, Edith, 12, Violet, 10, Sidney, nine, Annas, seven, Clemmy, five, and Nancy, four, with her husband Clive and she said she doesn't even feel contractions anymore after having nine kids.

She cares for her children with husband Clive, 66, who has two children from a previous marriage, Rosie and Robert who haven't appeared in Channel 5's Our Yorkshire Farm but run a nearby farm, Sandwath Farm, Kirkby Stephen, 12 miles from Ravenseat.

Amanda met Clive whilst searching for a lost ram in the dead of night and she has described their romance as a ‘slow burn’.

On Sophie Ellis Bextor’s podcast called Spinning Plates, Amanda shared: “When the children are little, because I’ve got various ones that have birthdays in the summer, we would also have birthdays en masse.

"They tend to bunch up through the summer, so you’ll have to make out of that what you like.

"But basically, while they are little and they don’t know what day their birthday is, it makes absolute sense to just cram them all in."

She added: "Some people will be mortified and be like ‘oh but what about their special day!"

The shepherdess admitted she also does something similar when it comes to the tooth fairy as there are just too many teeth to keep tabs.

She said: “"Things have got so sort of bad at our house that we have an accumulated en masse visit of the tooth fairy," she said.

"We’re just like ‘put it under the pillow every night until the tooth fairy can actually be bothered to come to the house!

Amanda has given birth to six of her children by the side of the road on the way to the hospital.

She admitted she is “no earth mother, hippy type, but I am a great believer in nature.

"The only way I know that I am in labour is because I start feeling a bit off, grotty, queasy, not quite right," she explained in her book, as she has given birth so many times now.

"Because I spend my time calving cows and lambing sheep, it seemed to me that having a baby was going to be the most natural thing in the world.

"I was so fed up of spoiling people’s picnics and all the rest of it," she said on This Morning earlier this year.

So for her most recent birth she chose to have a homebirth, saying: “ right well, this time I’m just going to go it alone.”

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