Right Said Freds Richard Fairbrass hospitalised with Covid but refuses vaccine

Right Said Fred frontman Richard Fairbrass says he still won't be getting the Covid-19 vaccine despite falling ill with the deadly bug.

The 67-year-old singer became unwell last weekend and was taken to Park Hospital, Berkshire by ambulance.

He struggled to breathe and spend four nights in hospital before being sent home to recover.

Richard's time in hospital comes six months after he branded the coronavirus vaccination a "scam".

He told told the MailOnline: "I've had a bit of Covid, it wasn’t too bad. I was a little breathless, I felt very tired.

"But full credit to the NHS, they were non-judgemental and very open to how you wanted to be treated – and my treatment was just keeping my oxygen levels up for a week."

However, the I'm Too Sexy hitmaker insists he will still not have the vaccine despite needing hospital treatment.

Richard claimed: "This vaccine is only for experimental use, it’s on trial until 2023, there is no long-term data on it – anyone who takes it is foolish."

Right Said Fred brothers Richard and Fred found themselves the victims of relentless trolling after they attended the anti-lockdown protest in September last year.

They were criticised online after one protester shared a photo of them on Twitter.

Posing in between the two siblings, the social media wrote alongside the picture: "What an absolute breath of fresh air to have Richard and Fred (legends) openly attending the ‘we do not consent’ London event.

"Chico's great but I think we need more brave celebs doing this to help wake the others," he added.

However, fellow Twitter users were not so complimentary and quickly commented on the snap – with many leaving sarcastic comments.

"Errr the Right Said Fred aren't legends mate, they're helmets," one person replied.

Another person posted: "You gotta laugh at 'Legends' though [laughing emoji] When have they ever done anything worthwhile or relevant?

"They were objects of ridicule in the early 90s and now, knowing they're Covidiots, just adds fuel to that fire."

A third person added: "Legends really?," while a fourth said: "They are neither brave or legends."

The brothers later went on a blocking spree as they hit out at the haters in a scathing tweet.

"If the best you’ve got is Far Right Said Fred, Deeply S**tty, Too Sexy For My Mask, Bald C**ts or t**ts then don’t be surprised if you’re blocked for being predictable and boring," they wrote.

They then added: "We forgot Wrong Said Fred… that’s some clever f***ing word play right there."

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