Stunning new blonde enters Love Island villa

Another blonde bombshell is set to enter the Love Island 2021 villa – this time, it's 24 year old Millie Court from Essex.

Millie is due to join the show and cast alongside another stunning blonde – Lucinda Strafford, tonight, Tuesday July 6.

The gorgeous pair were seen strutting up to the villa at the end of Monday night's episode.

Whether they'll be able to coax any of the couple's apart or not – only time will tell. Although cracks are beginning to show in current pairings already.

Millie, 24, has already said that she's looking for "the one" after being single for over a year.

Who is Millie Court?

Millie, the fashion buyer's administrator describes herself as competitive, "I’m the worst competitive person as well because I’m a sulker if I don’t win."

"I get the hump if I'm losing." She told ITV.

Talking more on her relationship history, the blonde beauty said: "My last relationship was a year and three months ago. We were together for six years. I’ve been on a few dates since then but not many because of the pandemic."

Speaking to ITV, Millie said, "Liam is the type of guy that I normally go for, I love how tall he is."

"Toby has a cute personality and I think he’ll make me laugh.

"Brad has stunning blue eyes and an amazing body and a banging tan."

Millie currently has just over 6,000 followers on Instagram, which is significantly lower than Lucinda Strafford, who currently boasts over 66k followers.

Millie's instagram is home to plenty of tanned pics of her posing in a bikini, alongside snaps of designer purchases and luxurious holidays.

Who is coupled up so far on Love Island 2021?

  • Liberty and Jake
  • Faye and Liam
  • Kaz and Toby
  • Aaron and Sharon
  • Chloe and Hugo
  • Rachel and Brad

It remains to be seen what will happen when bombshells Lucinda and Millie enter the villa.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and the ITV Hub.

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