T.I. and Charleston White Trade Shots on Diss Tracks After Beefing Over King Harris

After the Hustle Gang boss takes a jab at the YouTuber in his verse on Jucee Froot’s latest single ‘Step’, the controversial Internet personality responds with his own ‘diss song.’

AceShowbizT.I. and Charleston White‘s feud escalates with the two trading shots in diss tracks. Over a month after they started beefing over Tip’s son King Harris and the teen’s arrest, the two have released songs that take aim at each other.

The Hustle Gang boss first reignited their feud as he takes a jab at Charleston in his verse on Jucee Froot‘s latest single “Step”. “Boy, I will drop you from a place so far from grace,” he raps on the song. “White folks will doubt you/ Hey what a day/ My son respond to what a f**k n***a say/ I end up on the internet, going back and forth with a jay/ You’s a neva was, suck-a-d**k-to-get-a-dub n***a.”

Catching wind of the song, Charleston responded with a short “diss song.” Clocking in a just over a minute, the track is essentially a compilation of several audio clips of the YouTuber’s old comments on T.I. set to a beat. The music video, meanwhile, is a low budget affair which shows him dancing in front of a green screen.

The drama between T.I. and Charleston started with Charleston’s rants against King, following the teen’s arrest in September. Responding to Charleston’s remarks, King clapped back, “Man, we are about to whoop your a** when you come back here. I can see you had a soft upbringing.”

T.I. then tried to reach out to Charleston as he said in his own video, “I ain’t on no gangsta s**t. I’m a father, I’m a businessman, and I’m a leader. So ultimately, if you have something to say about me and mine, come to me. Whatever you have to say about me, come to me.”

The “Ant-Man” star added, “Keep my muthaf**king children’s names out your muthaf**king mouth before something bad happens.” Tip made it clear that he wasn’t threatening Charleston but was firm that people don’t play about their kids. “People will die about their children, and people are willing to go to prison about their children. Stop. That’s a suggestion. Please stop,” he stressed.

Charleston later said on Instagram Live that he tagged the Atlanta Police Dept and Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis to alert them about a video where King threatened him. “I want to put his (T.I. ‘s) son in jail,” he said.

He continued to double down on his remarks about King, calling him “disrespectful” and telling T.I., “You better teach these babies you love them. We don’t. You let them disrespect you. We don’t.” While Tip didn’t immediately respond to Charleston’s taunting comments, the controversial Internet personality later challenged the 42-year-old actor to a fight.

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