The Weeknd’s “After Hours” Lyrics Show How Much He Regrets Breaking Up With Bella Hadid

You might already be thinking it, so I’ll just go ahead and say it: Thank goodness musicians have been generous in 2020 with dropping their new music despite *gestures wildly* everything going on. Katy Perry released an album, Taylor Swift released an album, Lady Gaga released an album, Selena Gomez released an album, Justin Bieber (you guessed it!) released an album, Demi Lovato’s already put out some new music, and The Weeknd (aka Abel Tesfaye, if ya wanna be formal) also dropped his fourth studio album—god freakin’ bless.

It kinda goes without saying, but After Hours has bangers. Remember when The Weeknd released “Heartless” and it was basically all about his past relationships with Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez? Well, Abel is singing forlornly about his exes yet again, but this time, it’s alllll about Bella. His single/title track “After Hours” dives headfirst into the regret he’s experienced in his time without her, and these lyrics are seriously telling. (Give the rest of the album a spin too, because it’s filled to the brim with a million other ex mentions.)

So what are you waiting for? Hit play and put on your thinking cap, because we are going to dissect these lyrics in 👏 full 👏 !

In case you aren’t fully updated on Bella and Abel’s relationship, you might have forgotten that at one point, Abel was pretty much ready to ask Bella to marry him. “They’re madly in love with each other,” a source told Us Weekly back in 2018. “A proposal is on the horizon.”

These lyrics, which highlight Abel’s level of commitment and devotion to this girl (*cough* Bella *cough*), could represent that special moment in his and Bella’s timeline.

In August 2019, Bella and Abel called their relationship quits, which is what this verse could be referring to. “They are in different places right now, physically and mentally,” an insider told E! at the time. “Bella is prepping for her Fashion Week commitments and Abel is working on his music and his upcoming acting debut.”

Doesn’t it sound like Abel wants to get back with Bella right here? Because something tells me yes, yes it does.

Wow, I don’t mean to mention Selena again, but it’s kinda hard to ignore when lyrics like these are staring you in the face, amirite? Selena and Abel dated from January 2017 to October 2017 and got together literally two months after he and Bella called their relationship quits in November 2016. So, yeah, that timing could have theoretically been to spite Bella—Abel said it, not me.

Although Bella and Abel are still broken up as of today, there was some hope they might reconcile in October 2019. At Bella’s 23rd birthday party that month, Abel “was with her the entire night and they left together to go back to the apartment they both shared,” a source told E!. “You could tell that they were definitely in love and they both looked very happy being around each other.”

Sadly, though, a rep of Abel’s told People he attended the party as “just friends,” thus squashing fans’ reunion hopes. Don’t completely rule it out though—Bella and Abel’s on-and-off relationship (and this song, obvi) show the potential is definitely there. Fingers crossed!

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