Wiz Khalifa Cut Short His Concert Due to Disturbance

The rapper was performing in Noblesville, Indiana as part of his Vinyl Verse Summer tour when a ‘disturbance’ happened in the crowd and involved authorities.

AceShowbiz -There was a “disturbance” in the crowd during Wiz Khalifa‘s concert. The incident prompted the rapper to cut short his set.

Authorities had to intervene when an alleged altercation broke out at around 10:30pm when the 34-year-old rap star – whose real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz – was performing at the Ruoff Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana, on Friday (26.06.22) as part of his Vinyl Verse Summer Tour.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement, “Tonight (Friday) Aug 26, 2022, 10:28PM a disturbance was reported at the Ruoff Music Center, 12880 E 146th St, Noblesville, IN, in section 5 of the lawn. Security staff responded quickly, and all the subjects nearby began exiting the area on foot. The emergency action plan was initiated and followed, and all gates including non-public exits were opened. Subsequently, the venue patrons self-evacuated.”

The “See You Again” hitmaker ended his set early in light of the alleged incident – which reportedly left three people injured – and, although there were “rumours of gunfire,” authorities are said to have not found any weapons at the scene.

Following the incident, a video was posted to Twitter in which a fan can be heard saying, “I didn’t hear a gun go off” while Indianapolis Star reporter Rory Appleton – who was also in attendance – also claimed he was not aware of any shots.

He tweeted, “I am out. I did not see or hear any shots. I was upfront stage left, and the running seemed to come from the lawn stage right. A lot of young kids at this show. People running out into the corn fields and calling home as we all ran out of the employee entrance.”

Concert promoter Live Nation said in a press statement, “Thank you to staff and local authorities for acting quickly to support everyone in attendance.”

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