Yvette Fielding husbands arm set alight minutes after haunted doll combusted

Paranormal investigator Yvette Fielding has revealed that her husband Karl Beattie was once given a haunted doll that burst into flames – just moments before his arm was also spontaneously set on fire.

Yvette and Karl have investigated locations across the UK for paranormal series Most Haunted, where they have captured instances of supernatural activity, as well as inviting the public to join them on their investigations in recent years as part of the Most Haunted Live Experience.

During one Live Experience event, a fan gave Karl a doll that she claimed was haunted – but the team did not expect what would happen next.

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Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, following the launch of her new book The Ghost Hunter Chronicles: The Ripper Of Whitechapel, Yvette explained that the team took the doll to a haunted location in Cheshire, where she and the team witnessed the object spontaneously combust – and that even the fire service cannot explain how the incident occurred.

"I think it was Church Farm, but it was where a doll spontaneously combusted into flames," said Yvette.

"It was just the most, oh my god, the most frightening location. A farmhouse, but it looked like a castle ruins in the land. Nobody had been able to live in this farm house since the 1970s.

"There had been various murders that have taken place, someone had killed themselves. As soon as you walked in, there was an awful atmosphere and then you're walking around and you just hear giggling."

Having investigated the venue on multiple occasions, Yvette and Karl decided to take a haunted object to the farm after they received it from a fan, in the hopes of capturing further paranormal activity on camera.

"When we filmed there, we took this doll that had been given to Karl. A woman turned up on a Most Haunted Experience and she said, 'this is a haunted object, I don't want it in my house. I'm giving it to you.'

"Unbeknownst to me, Karl arrives home with this doll and I'm like, what's that? He opened it up and there she is."

It was not long until paranormal phenomena began to occur in the attic of the farm, as Yvette continued: "We took it to location and we thought, let's put a haunted doll in the attic, just to see what might happen. Put lots of cameras around it and we're all away from it.

"You can hear us in the background and Stuart was there and he said, 'I can smell smoke.'

"Then you see this doll blow up in flames. Stuart is smelling the smoke, comes into the attic room and goes 'oh my god, oh my god, it's on fire.'

Things took an even more terrifying turn, after Karl's arm also caught fire in a further unexplained circumstance.

"Karl's arm then goes up in flames, a bit later on, on his jacket. Patting it out."

To prove that what they had witnessed was real paranormal activity, Yvette, Karl and the team took the doll to the local fire brigade for tests – where even they could not explain what had happened to cause the events.

"We take the doll and the jacket to the Cheshire Fire Brigade, because we just thought, this is so incredible," said Yvette.

"They checked it for accelerants, did all the checks that the fire brigade do and they're on camera, and they actually say, 'we cannot…there's no evidence of any tampering, no accelerants. We don't have answer for this.'

"So that was spontaneous combustion."

The Ghost Hunter Chronicles: The Ripper Of Whitechapel by Yvette Fielding is on sale now.

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