'1000-lb Sisters': Tammy Slaton's Relationship Causes Massive Drama

Tammy Slaton’s love life is front and center on 1000-lb Sisters once again. After her breakup with Jerry Sykes, Tammy was on the prowl for love again. In Season 3 of the TLC show, Tammy revealed that she was dating a man named Phillip, who is known to love bigger women. Now, Tammy and her family have been constantly arguing over whether Phillip really has her best interests at heart.

Tammy and Amy get a massive argument on ‘1000-lb Sisters’

Amy Slaton believed that Tammy’s ex-boyfriend, Sykes, was a feeder, which means he was giving Tammy unhealthy food to make her gain weight. Since that relationship ended, Amy has been on guard when it comes to her sister’s love interests. After hearing that Tammy was dating a man who brags about being into bigger women, Amy confessed her concerns.

“Tammy should be 100 percent focused on herself,” she told the cameras.

“Worry about the relationship when you’re healthy,” she continued. “You can’t be in a relationship if you’re six feet under.”

“I’ve got a lot on my mind. A lot on my plate,” she told Tammy. “I can’t handle your drama, so at the end of the day you have to make your own choices.”

When Tammy said that she didn’t expect Amy to handle her drama, Amy clapped back.

“You can date whoever the h*ll you want, but if you want a mistake it’s on you, girl,” she said. “I can’t be your mom.”

“You have no freaking opinion in what I do in my life,” Tammy responded. “I’m a f**king grown girl. You aren’t my mother.”

Is Tammy’s boyfriend a feeder?

As Amy explained last season, a feeder is someone who tries to make others gain weight.

“A feeder overfeeds you and then we’re back to where we were before, or worse,” Amy told the cameras. Since Phillip is the self-described BBW (big beautiful woman) King, Amy worried that he would start feeding Tammy to make her bigger.

“Tammy is willing to give anything she’s got for a little bit of attention,” she said. “But she’s got a weigh-in with Dr. Smith coming up and this new guy could be a feeder like Jerry.”

When Amy conveyed those concerns to Tammy, Tammy told her to stay out of her business.

“I’m f**king grown!” she said.

Who is Phillip and what was he doing before ‘1000-lb Sisters’?

Phillip is very vocal on social media about only liking women who are over 300 pounds. Even before he started dating Tammy, he was on Dr. Phil professing his love for BBWs.

“BBW is big, beautiful women,” Phillip said on the show. “The perfect size woman to me would be 5 foot 5 inches, 350 pounds, size 28. The bigger she is, the sexier she is.”

Some fans worry that since Phillip has already been on tv, he could be using Tammy and 1000-lb Sisters as a way to gain fame and grow his social media following.

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