22 Kids and Counting: Will Noel and Sue Radford have another baby? Parents open up

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22 Kids and Counting returns to Channel 5 tonight (January 5) with a brand new series. Noel and Sue Radford will be sharing some special moments including Bonnie and Heidie’s double christening. They recently opened up about the prospect of having another child.

Will Noel and Sue Radford have another baby?

Couple Noel and Sue have been sharing tips on how they cope with their huge brood on the Channel 5 hit series for many years.

They took to Instagram to share the news of the brand new season, saying: “We had so much fun filming this series and can’t wait to watch all 10 episodes back with you guys!

“There are loads of exciting moments to come that we kept separate from our vlog content.

“Including Bonnie and Heidie’s double christening, a big family barbecue on the beach and the bulldogs entering a sausage catching contest.”

The couple spoke on the show about having a 23rd baby.

Noel admitted he had “mixed feelings” about expanding the family even further.

He said: “I get mixed feelings, it’s a nice feeling to think Heidie’s the last, we can get on, just enjoy our lives, happy with what we’ve got.

“You know with our 22 kids that’s it, move on, but then you get other feelings.

“You know that’s it, never gonna have that feeling again.

“There’s not much family planning going on, you just never know.”

With this in mind, it seems the couple have not ruled out having a 23rd baby.

Life without a newborn in the house would be unusual for the whole family, and they all love the feeling of welcoming a new face.

Asking the children whether they would agree to another sibling, one of the children responded: “Usually mum and dad pulling everyone into the living room can mean one of two things.

“She’s pregnant or there’s a big family holiday coming up.”

Noel is heard saying: “Right kids, we’ve got you all in here because we’ve heard the rumours going around the house, you’re all sort of thinking that me and mum are going to have another baby.”

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The family first appeared on the series back in 2012 and they had 15 children at the time.

Noel and Sue met as children and had their first baby, Christopher, when they were both teenagers.

They then got married in 1992 and they live in a former care home in Morecambe.

The series delves into their personal and working lives, as they run a pie company in Heysham.

As of 2020, the couple are grandparents to seven grandchildren.

Their own children assured them they would always have new babies around with the grandchildren.

However, the parents said it was not the same feeling as having their own newborn child.

Over the Christmas period, they kept fans updated on social media, sharing photos of all of the children’s present sacks under the tree.

They also took a big family holiday to Lapland, calling it “the most magical place”.

A special Christmas episode aired on Channel 5 on December 19.

22 Kids and Counting returns to Channel 5 on January 5 at 9pm.

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