A Place in the Sun’s Danni Menzies leaves guest in tears with property choice: ‘Emotional’

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Paul and Kelly had fallen in love with Kefalonia thanks to their numerous visits to the Greek island prior to their A Place in the Sun appearance. Channel 4 host Danni Menzies was tasked with finding the pair their dream property which they’d use as holiday home to begin with, with the hopes of using it as a retirement property in the years to come. And after just three potential listings, Danni appeared to hit the jackpot with property number three.

Danni’s first two properties received a relatively positive reaction from Paul and Kelly after they began their search.

Both became contenders for the A Place in the Sun guests, but they were blown out fo the water by the property number three.

Despite the duo expressing their desire for a coastal view, Danni took a risk and showed a villa a bit more inland.

And the risk paid off as she showed Paul and Kelly a two bedroom grapevine villa on the market for just over £111,000.

With a top budget of £120,000, the villa appeared to tick all of the pair’s boxes.

And they soon fell in love with the property after Danni showed them around.

In fact, Paul, in particular, was so blown away by the home, he found himself wiping away tears.

“I’m actually getting quite emotional,” Paul said as Danni offered her support after finding the property.

The grapevine villa appeared to be the only contender when Danni showed the remaining properties on offer to the couple.

Both Paul and Kelly admitted property number three was “on their minds” when viewing the final houses.

And as a result, they decided to put in an offer for the Kefalonian villa.

However, it was some way off the original £111,000 asking price, prompting a surprised reaction from Danni.

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Despite initially saying their top budget was £120,000, Paul and Kelly were wary of some of the changes that would need to be carried out on the property.

As a result, they submitted an offer of £75,000 for the villa, despite Danni insisting it was a relatively new listing.

Danni quizzed what their top end offer would be for the villa after taking all the work into account, with the guests claiming they’d struggle to offer more than £80,000.

“The garden would take quite a bit of work to make it right,” claimed Kelly as well as pointing out flaws with the pool and location.

Sadly, the owner didn’t want to budge so low and insisted the only room for negotiation would be to go to £107,000.

Paul and Kelly didn’t take up the offer and left the Greek island empty-handed.

The negotiations left Danni “really disappointed” and despite exchnaging contact details with the owner in case of any further developments, Paul and Kelly didn’t hear back.

A Place in the Sun continues weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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