'AGT': Inspiring Singer Cristina Rae Steals the Semifinals Spotlight

America’s Got Talent saw some of the best performances of the season during the second night of the semifinals, including some over-the-top dance groups and impressive magic and danger acts. However, powerhouse vocalist Cristina Rae stole the spotlight with just her bold voice.

The stunning songstress earned a Golden Buzzer from Heidi Klum during her audition, and then went on to wow America during her quarterfinals performance. Along the way, she was cheered on by her biggest fan: her adorable toddler, Jeremiah.

Before Tuesday’s performance, Rae explained how her son is her inspiration, and her motivation for almost all things in her life.

“I want Jeremiah to seat world as a special, magical place,” Rae said in a pretaped package that aired before her act. “Having experienced homelessness, I felt like it was my duty to hide all the bad things I went through. Even though I struggled with finances, he doesn’t know that, because I just want him to reach for the stars.”

For her performance, Rae donned a gorgeous rose colored gown and belted out a powerful cover of the song “Jump” — a song originally performed Cynthia Erivo from soundtrack to the 2017 documentary STEP.

The hopeful, life-affirming number wowed the judges, who showered Rae with praise.


“In the category of singing, you’re the one to beat. I think that your voice is pure. I think it’s powerful. I think it’s entertaining,” judge Howie Mandel shared. “You’re wonderful, I loved it, and I think America will too.”

“I think tonight you nailed it more than any other night,” Sofia Vergara said. “It was perfection. I have goosebumps.”

Before leaving the stage, Rae also got a chance to speak to her young son, who was watching remotely and was displayed on one of the massive screens on the set.

“Jeremiah, I love you so much! I want you to always do the impossible!” Rae shared, beaming at her adorable little boy. “Don’t do anything else, just do the impossible! I love you!”

It was a moment of pure, inspirational joy — the kind that America’s Got Talent is famous for.

Here’s a look at all the night’s impressive, jaw-dropping performances:

W.A.F.F.L.E Crew Dance Group


Country Singer Kenadi Dodds


Magician Max Major


Acrobatic Dance Trio The Bello Sisters


Songstress Celina Graves


Daredevil Jonathan Goodwin


Dance Duo BAD Salsa


Sword Swallower Brett Loudermilk


Only five of Tuesday’s 11 hopefuls will be able to move on to the finals. Fans will see who continues on and who gets sent packing during the live America’s Got Talentresults show on Wednesday, Sept. 16, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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