Alan Davies left in tears as Alex Jones shares ‘touching’ message: ‘Makes it worthwhile

Alan Davies 'touched' by fan's praise of his memoir

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With a new series of Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled on its way to Dave, the comedian joined Alex Jones and Ronan Keating on The One Show on Friday to discuss all about the new series. However, it isn’t the only project Alan has been working on as last year, the QI star released a personal and candid memoir detailing all about his life and childhood. As he began to speak with BBC’s Alex about how much the book meant to him, it didn’t take long for the emotional nature of the discussion to take its toll.

“It’s really touched people and you’ve had an amazing response how it’s resonated with people, haven’t you?” Alex asked as they began to discuss the memoir.

“I really have, yeah,” Alex replied. “I’m really grateful for the response to the book.”

He continued: “When it came out last year, I didn’t know, you know – revealing things about my childhood I’d never talked about before and difficult subjects.

“So people either on social media or on the street or friends of mine, (started) opening up to me about things that had happened to them.”

Alan added: “The response has been very touching and yes, it’s out on paperback now so I’m hoping to reach more people.”

Praising Alan for his candour and his deeply personal approach to the book, Alex weighed back in.

“Gosh, it’s nice, isn’t it? When you’ve laid yourself bare like that to have that reaction.”

A tearful Alan replied: “It is, it makes it feel worthwhile, yeah, it was a lot of work.”

Ronan then turned to viewers to let them know all the details about the upcoming series and Alan’s book but Alex soon had her eye caught by an email one fan had sent in.

Before moving on with the show, Alex was keen to tell Alan all about the email one viewer had sent in which praised his memoir for its honesty.

“On that, actually, Val has literally just emailed in,” Alex cut in.

She continued to read Val’s message: “Please pass on my most grateful thanks to Alan Davies for his wonderfully moving book.

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“His talent and ability to make readers both laugh and cry at the same time is out of this world.”

Alan quickly became choked up by the fan’s kind words as he struggled to hold back tears before saying to Val: “That’s very touching. Thank you.”

Alex let out an “awww,” as she saw just how much the kind words meant to Alan.

Elsewhere in the show, Alex and Ronan spoke with Shakira and Mark Ronson all about their upcoming musical projects.

However, while Mark’s interview went through without a hitch, the same couldn’t be said about Shakira whose tech blunder met she couldn’t speak to Alex and Ronan until the end of the show.

But with just seconds to spare, Alex had to cut Shakira off moments after asking her a question.

The show abruptly ended there but it didn’t go down well with fans who branded the cut-off as “unprofessional”.

“Sorry, #TheOneShow but cutting @shakira off that was was incredibly rude and unprofessional,” one fan vented on Twitter.

The One Show airs weekdays at 7pm on BBC One.

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