Alison Hammond admits shes been repeatedly caught breaking the law

Alison Hammond – ‘She breaks the law aswell’

The This Morning presenter welcomed Rishi Sunak onto Thursday’s edition of the ITV show.

Alison Hammond and co-host Craig Doyle wasted no time in quizzzing Sunak about Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who has recently made headlines.

Braverman has come under fire following claims she asked civil servants to arrange a private one-to-one speed awareness course for her after she was caught speeding.

The Prime Minister has been under increasing pressure to take action, and Hammond and Doyle probed the subject during Thursday’s interview.

However, Hammond made a surprising admission about “breaking the law” as she argued Braverman being on a public speed awareness course would have made her more relatable.

“Do you know what, Rishi, can I just say this, Rishi?” the presenter asked as the Prime Minister explained his thoughts.

She continued: “If she [Braverman] was going to just do the speed awareness course, and I saw her on the course, I’d be like, ‘That’s amazing, Suella’s like one of the people.’

“‘She’s one of us, she’s doing a speed awareness course as well, she breaks the law as well, she has to pay the fine or whatever.’

“I would have loved to have seen her on that speed awareness course.”

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Hammond then admitted: “I’ve done two! I’ve done two, they were taking selfies of me on the Zoom!”

Laughing, Sunak replied: “I think they’re not meant to, Alison.”

“The thing is, it is what it is, isn’t it?” the host went on. “And it would have been so much better to see her do that course and just be part of the people.”

“I think the main thing is that she ultimately took the point, paid the fine as she should have done,” the Prime Minister stated.

He added: “That’s what she did. She was just exploring options for how that might be done, given her position and the fact she has security.

“As I said, she’s made a full account of it, she’s apologised. The independent advisor’s also been consulted by me.

“So I think, look, right to draw a line under it now and focus on, as you said, distraction.

“Because what people want us to be focusing on is stopping the boats and tackling migration.”

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