Allure Realty: Inside the Selling Tampa real estate office

Selling Sunset & Selling Tampa teaser trailer from Netflix

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Allure Realty will finally be introduced to Selling Sunset fans in the first spin-off Selling Tampa. While Netflix viewers are familiar with The Oppenheim Group on the west coast, Allure Realty is one of the east coast’s most elite brokerage firms. Headed by CEO Sharelle Rosado, has all the details on the company.

What’s inside the Allure Realty office?

Fans got their first glimpse inside the office during the first official trailer for the show, and soon they will be seeing inside it regularly when the season itself drops.

Much like The Oppenheim Group’s main office in California, it features an open plan design, keeping all the agents within earshot of one another.

It seems Rosado wants Allure to be a collaborative space for the team, as at the heart of the office is a large meeting space for the team to share ideas. 

It has a minimalist design, with a mainly black, white, and gold interior, with the clients rarely stepping inside the building.

Most of the business is conducted ringside, meaning the agents wine and dine their clients while showing them around their epic properties.

However, it doesn’t shy away from the luxury, with decadent chandeliers hanging above the agents’ desks and covered in modern art that reflects the city.  

Both the entrance, desks, meeting area and kitchen all share one room, meaning the show will be spending most of its time in this location.

The office is situated in the Ybor City district of Tampa Bay, boasting palm tree-lined streets and scorching hot Floridian weather.

In the trailer, one of the agents is heard saying: “[Rosado] wanted smart women, she wanted empowered women.

“And I think that makes Allure Realty what it is.”

Where is Allure Realty?

Allure Realty is based in Tampa Bay, Florida, USA, located just off the coast of Hillsborough Bay.

It is in the heart of the city and a prime location to cover the wide range of areas they offer.

The company actually has two locations, though the show will be focusing on the Tampa Bay office.

Allure’s second office is based in Miami, Florida, once again boasting iconic views and gorgeous properties.

It has not been confirmed how much the Miami location will be covered in the show, with offering few details about the office.

However, it looks as though the team of agents featured in the show may cover both locations, so there is a chance viewers may get to see inside the second location.

It will likely keep Tampa’s open plan and minimalist design, as once again the business is mostly done off-site.

If Miami doesn’t feature in the first season, there is always the chance the show could expand to it in a potential second season.

Who is Sharelle Rosado?

The CEO of Allure Realty has an impressive career and story, as she is a military veteran.

Rosado was a United States Army Paratrooper for over a decade, eventually leaving the military for medical reasons.

She then pursued entrepreneurship, learning the tools of the trade in both HR and ultimately as an estate agent.

Setting up Allure in 2019, Rosado has been an influential figure in her city ever since.

Selling Tampa will premiere on December 15 exclusively on Netflix. 

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