Amanda Owen on self-care as she takes time after Clive breakup

Amanda Owen says 'you have to take a little bit of time for yourself'

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Our Yorkshire Farm fans were heartbroken to hear the uplifting series would not be returning to Channel 5. Instead, Amanda Owen is featuring in a new show called Amanda Owen’s Extraordinary Farming Lives, on More4. She spoke out about keeping up a self-care routine despite her busy lifestyle.

Amanda started off by updating Lorraine on her life since she split from her husband Clive last summer.

As Lorraine explained how Clive now lives on a farm next door to his family, Amanda said: “We all have to get on.

“There’s a lot to deal with as we have the land to manage, the animals to manage, childcare and everything else.”

Lorraine complemented the Yorkshire Shepherdess on her appearance, saying she “looked so well” despite her busy life.


She added: “You really do, and that must come from a sort of… you are content with what you do.”

Amanda continued: “I am content, but you do have to take a little bit of time for yourself.

“So every morning, even if I am only going to be out feeding the sheep or around the farm, I take a little bit of self-care for five minutes.

“Get the old moisturiser on and a little bit of mascara, and it makes you feel better about yourself.”

Lorraine admitted: “It does, it’s that kind of self-care thing… I think we all need to do that.”

In her new show, Amanda will meet farmers from across the country to find out how they tackle everyday life.

The six-episode series will see the shepherdess visit a variety of farms that have adapted in order to manage costs.

Amanda said of the show: “This series will show what life’s really like for farmers in 2022.

“To the outside world, it might seem like some farmers have it made, with large plots of land and expensive machinery but, as ever, the truth is much more complex.

“I want to explore just what it means to be a farmer today, in a world where so much more is expected of us than ‘just’ being food providers.

“Along the way I know I’m going to meet some extraordinary, dedicated people and hear some incredible stories in the most beautiful of settings.”

Amanda will immerse herself in six very different farms including ones being passed down through generations and others that have been taken on by families totally new to rural life.

Her ex-husband Clive and son Reuben have both recently starred in their own series, Beyond the Yorkshire Farm.

Amanda did not feature in the Channel 5 series, but it is believed she is still working with the network on projects.

“So yeah, we just have to get on with it,” the Yorkshire Shepherdess explained during her chat with Lorraine.

Lorraine replied: “I don’t know how you do it, it’s all a big balancing act, isn’t it?”

Amanda Owen’s Extraordinary Farming Lives airs on More4 on January 25 from 9pm

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