American Idol Recap: Top 11 Perform in Judges Song Contest Before One Singer Is Sent Home

In the new episode of the long-running singing competition show, the Top 11 participate in the Judge’s Song Contest, in which each judge picks songs for each of the singers to perform.

AceShowbiz -“American Idol” returned with an all-new episode on Monday, April 25. In the new episode, the Top 11 performed in the Judge’s Song Contest, in which each judge picked songs for each of the singers to perform. The winning judge was revealed after the singers selected their favorite song to perform without knowing which judge made the suggestion.

Nicolina kicked off the night. She chose “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson, which was more rock-and-roll than what she’s done before. It was apparently Lionel Richie who suggested the song for her. Luke Bryan said it was fun to see her doing something different, while Katy Perry loved that she showed a new side.

Singing “Chasin’ You” by Morgan Wallen was Mike Parker. Luke chose this song for Mike and he praised Mike for the performance. Lionel, meanwhile, said that he liked Mike’s vibe and attitude on stage. Later, Fritz Hager took the stage to sing “Wonderwall” by Oasis which was also chosen by Luke. Lionel thought the performance was “perfect,” while Katy dubbed it “brilliant.”

Up next was Christian Guardino who sang “I’m Not the Only One” by Sam Smith. The song was chosen for him by Katy. Luke noted that Christian was nervous as he encouraged him to trust himself. As for Noah Thompson, he sang “Heartbreak Warfare” by John Mayer which was suggested by Luke. Lionel and Katy loved that Noah took up the challenge.

Performing next was Lady K. She belted out “traitor” by Olivia Rodrigo and it turned out that Lionel was the one who chose the song for her. HunterGirl, meanwhile, hit the stage to sing “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton. The song was another song chosen by Luke. Lionel called it a great performance with Katy praising HunterGirl for her stage presence.

For her performance that night, Leah Marlene went with “Make You Feel My Love” by Bob Dylan. It was the song that Katy picked for her. Tristen Gressett followed it up with a performance of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by The Rolling Stones. Lionel, who suggested this song for Tristen, called it a “show-stopping performance.” Katy added that Tristen had “electricity in a bottle” and “none of the other contestants are doing even a quarter of that.”

Emyrson Flora sang “lovely” by Billie Eilish. The judges loved the performance with Katy, who picked the song for her, calling her “amazing.” Closing out the night was Jay, who performed “Lilac Wine” by Jeff Buckley. The song was suggested by Katy, meaning that Katy and Luke were tied in this judge competition.

It was time to learn the results. Noah, Christian, Fritz, Nicolina, Huntergirl, Emyrson, Leah, Jay and Mike made it to the Top 10. Lady K and Tristen were put in jeopardy as they were named as the bottom two. As the winners of the Judge Song Contest, Katy and Luke got to save one of them. They gave the final spot in the Top 10 to Lady K, so Tristen was eliminated.

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