Andrew Neil savages Starmer and Boris as he opens show with beer and cake Not a party

Starmer ‘should be more worried’ says Andrew Neil

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With the fallout of Boris Johnson’s “partygate” and Sir Keir Starmer’s “beergate” still dominating the news cycle, former GB News host Andrew Neil returned to screens on Channel 4 to discuss and debate the latest political headlines. The Andrew Neil Show welcomed Brexit Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg as its headline guest for its debut but before the fiery discussions got underway, Neil took aim at the aforementioned reports.

As soon as The Andrew Neil Show began, Neil was shown tucking into a curry behind his desk.

The former BBC presenter’s desk had tin trays of curry surrounded by a plate of poppadoms, a bottle of champagne, a beer and a birthday cake.

“Standby, Andrew,” a voice off-camera could be heard saying as Neil feigned he was unaware the cameras were rolling.

“Oh, what were about to go on air?” Neil replied, supposedly surprised the show was now live.

Dishing out the punchline to his joke, he said down the camera: “Okay. It’s not a party, it’s a work event.”

The opening credits then rolled, setting the tone for the notoriously ruthless interviewer’s first show.

And needless to say, the show’s opening certainly got viewers talking, with many divided on Neil’s gag.

Twitter user @gladding said: “Brilliant start to a Brilliant return for the best in the Business @afneil. Congratulations to @Channel4 for bringing Andrew back to our screens. Bring on the Interviews.”

Gerold Hightower argued, however: “Ahhh no he’s started with a Starmer-Curry gag. 

“I was hoping Andrew Neil would ‘hold people to account’ but no, looking like another client journalist.”

Martin Wardle saw the funny side as he weighed in: “@afneil good start,” followed by a laughing emoji.”


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