Ant and Dec take swipe at gameshow rivals as they say Limitless Win is unlike 'anything else' on telly

IT has been ten years since Ant and Dec last launched a new game show.

But the Geordie duo are feeling pretty relaxed about Limitless Win, where contestants bid to – you guessed it  – win a limitless prize pot.

And that’s because the lads reckon the format is different to everything else on telly.

Dec said: “We try to play with all those things that have always been done, like having a jackpot, like the question master knowing the questions, and all of that.

“And just say, ‘How do we change it? And how do we do it differently?’ So it’s kind of unlike anything else.”

And in a nod to the relentless rise of catch-up TV, Ant added: “I don’t feel that much under pressure in terms of [viewing] figures any more because, you know, the landscape’s changed on that.

“I really feel like the pressure was at the filming stage to get it right and to make the right show.”

The pair of them sound pretty confident, I must admit.

  • Watch Limitless Win on Saturday at 8.30pm on ITV.

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