Antiques Roadshow fans floored at staggering valuation of £8 charity shop buy

Antiques Roadshow fans came away from the show gobsmacked after one lucky participant was told that their treasure was worth a lot more than they paid for it.

The man brought a vase in to be valued on the BBC show and admitted that he had paid a modest £7.99 for the piece.

Chinese ceramics expert Lars Tharp inspected his goods where the programme had set up shop in Sefton Park, Liverpool.

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The man said that he had no idea what his wares were worth and Lars set about dissecting the different aspects of the large green vase.

Tharp explained: “In fact it’s not one vase, it’s two vases. There’s another vase inside, that’s actually quite a tricky thing to do. What’s really special about this is the shape. This is one of the oldest shapes known to Chinese culture, this is an ancient shape. The question is: ‘Is it ancient?’”

Lars then told the stunned man that the shape was popular back in the Ming Dynasty and blew his mind by telling him that it could be worth a massive £5,000 to £10,000.

The man was stunned and questioned whether it was really from the Ming Dynasty and quietly repeated the potential price in disbelief.

Tharp gleefully told him that he has a “good eye” for antiques as the audience around him let out a huge round of applause.

Fans on Twitter were equally happy for his win and tweeted out their joy.

One wrote: “May you all be as happy [in] this coming week as the fella on Antiques Roadshow who just found out his £7.99 purchase is from the Ming Dynasty,” and used the hashtag “ker-ching”.

A jealous viewer added: “A £7.99 charity shop vase turns out to be a Ming Dynasty vase. £5-£10k. One day I’ll find a treasure too! (Please).”

More fans loved the man’s reaction to the valuation and described him as “lovely”.

Someone also tweeted out: “There’s a gentleman on Antiques Roadshow and I want him to be my shopping buddy, touring all the charity shops in the land.”


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