Antiques Roadshow guest refuses to sell artwork thrown in skip after valuation

Antiques Roadshow: Guest shocked at painting’s value

One Antiques Roadshow guest refused to get rid of her beloved piece of artwork after expert Ronnie Archer Morgan shared what it would fetch at auction.

In a classic episode of the BBC series, Fiona Bruce took viewers to Swanage in Dorset, where the experts shared their expertise with the guests who had brought their treasured items to be valued.

However, it was a unique stained glass artwork that caught the attention of Ronnie, who described the item as “remarkable”.

When asked where the guest got the artwork, she explained: “I used to rent a shop about 30 years ago in Wimbledon Village.

“It had previously been a fish shop and this was in the wall between the shop and the backroom.

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“The next tenants who were taking over the shop were knocking through from the front room to the back.”

“So they didn’t need the wall that this was in?” Ronnie chipped in as the guest agreed.

She went on: “They didn’t need the wall, they didn’t need the window, I think it was going in the skip so we picked it up and took it home.”

“The fact that this has survived is remarkable. I mean, it’s a work of art, isn’t it?” the expert beamed.

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The guest agreed, telling Ronnie the artwork was “beautiful”.

Ronnie went on to inspect the artwork in detail before explaining the history of it and where it came from.

He shared: “Look at how the beads are graduated in colour, giving us this amazing sunset and amazing graduation of blue of the sky being transformed by the sun setting so wonderfully.

“I’ve never seen them used to such wonderful effect and in this setting it’s glorious.

“The more I talk about this, the higher the value goes up in my head. It’s so remarkable.”

He added: “It has value…between £1,200 and £1,700. I think someone would give that for it. I think it’s remarkable.”

“I never even thought it was valuable,” the guest admitted before telling Ronnie she would never sell it. “Particularly I just thought it was lovely. I wouldn’t part with it for anything.”

Antiques Roadshow is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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