‘Back from the dead!’ Ben Shephard in awe of ‘extraordinary’ Tipping Point performance

Tipping Point: Player 'back from the dead' with huge counter drop

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Ben Shephard welcomed four new contestants onto Tipping Point on Wednesday afternoon. Jenna, Josh, Carole and Neil were the players battling out in a bid to win a cash prize. Carole got off to a rough start as she failed to bank any money in the first round of the competition. However, she soon amazed host Ben by making an “extraordinary” recovery on the ITV quiz show.

The first round ended with Jenna taking the lead, having secured £1250 for her prize fund.

Neil was in second place with £600, but both Carole and Josh failed to bank any money.

As a result, the two players went head to head with a sudden death question and Carole buzzed in first with the correct answer.

This meant Josh was knocked out of the competition and Carole progressed to the next round despite having no money in her prize pot.

As the second round began it was clear Carole had a lot of work to do to keep her place in the game.

However, she soon made an impressive comeback that left host Ben awestruck.

After carefully placing three counters into the machine, Carole managed to get 14 counters over the Tipping Point.

“Wow!” Ben exclaimed as a cluster of counters were thrust into the win zone.

“That was amazing,” Jenna remarked, stunned by her competitor’s success.

Ben added: “Goodness me where did that come from? Oh, Neil, I’m sorry that means we’re going to lose you.”

“Never mind, Ben,” Neil replied.

Ben said: “Carole, you needed 15 counters to catch Jenna. That’s 14 across the Tipping Point.

“So you haven’t quite caught her, but you have closed the gap,” he explained.

Praising Carole for her performance Ben noted she’d had “an extraordinary couple of drops”.

Taking a look at the final scores of the round, the presenter said: “Jenna is leading with £1,250.

“She’s just ahead of Carole who has come back from the dead with £1,200!” Ben exclaimed.

As a result of Carole’s impressive recovery, Neil was knocked out of the game having only banked £950.

Carole’s success continued in the penultimate round, as she ended with the same amount of money as Jenna.

As both players had earned a total of £1,550, they went head to head with a sudden death question.

Carole answered the question correctly and won the round, causing Ben to remark: “You’ve done it somehow, by the skin of your teeth.”

Unfortunately, Carole’s luck ran out in the final when she chose to gamble all her winnings of £2,950 for an extra three counters.

She was unable to get the jackpot counter across the Tipping Point and as a result, went home with nothing.

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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