BBC Breakfasts Nina Warhurst replaces Naga Munchetty after ill health concerns

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BBC Breakfast viewers settled in to watch the Saturday edition of the breakfast news show, expecting to see usual presenters Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty.

However, Jon Kay and Nina Warhurst stepped in take over from the pair as they take a well-deserved break.

Stayt usually presents from Thursday to Saturday with Naga, but was also replaced this week by Kay as he took a break from his regular schedule.

However, Naga was seen on screens alongside Jon yesterday, but she was forced to apologise on screen for her ill health.

As Naga kicked off the Friday show with a sneeze, she quickly said: "Sorry! I've been tested."

Jon quickly responded: "Bless you!" as Naga said: "I had a lateral flow [test] this morning."

Her co-star replied: "Good! Erm, I've got masks, but that would not be a good look."

Naga apologised once again, saying: "Sorry, excuse me," as a concerned Jon asked her: "Are you all right?"

She confirmed she was fine to carry on and the pair quickly cracked on with the how as they went through the day's newspapers.

At the time, concerned fans took to social media to comment on Naga's ill health, with one saying: "A sneeze from Naga Munchetty on @bbcbreakfast!"

This comes after the BBC presenter was praised by her followers after she shared a video of herself having blood taken while she laid back in a hospital video.

Posting the video on Instagram to encourage others to donate blood, Naga said to the camera: "It is that time again – buttock clenching, leg raising, arm squeezing – giving blood today.

"I am now with Ross who is now used to my skinny veins and makes it absolutely painless.

"I will be up and about after this with my day. So just know, if you want to give blood, you are doing a great thing.

"I'll be done. If you can give blood, if you want to give blood, you are doing a good thing. Anyway, see you on BBC Breakfast."

She then captioned the video: "Just done this @givebloodnhs with one of favourite blood takers @willflanders and a record time for me of 5 mins 21 secs for approx 0.5l Woo hoo."

It didn't take long for fans to rush to the post to share their praise for Naga, with many of them coining her a "life-saver".

One told her: "This is amazing. I'm going to sign up to donate right now."

Another added: "YES! Naga you're inspirational. Love you."

A third agreed: "Naga, you never fail to amaze us. Well done for doing this. You're literally a life-saver."

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC.

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