Ben Shephards different appearance leaves Tipping Point viewers concerned

Tipping Point: Guest takes money and misses out on jackpot

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On Thursday’s Tipping Point, ITV host Ben Shephard welcomed John, Jean and Sophie onto the show. The trio had to go head to head as they went up against the Tipping Point machine. The player with the most money in their prize fund would then try to win the £10,000 jackpot in the final.

As Ben introduced the contestants, viewers took social media to share their thoughts on the host’s appearance.

“In this game, the difference between success and failure could be determined by the drop of a single counter,” Ben began.

“Can any of today’s players mask the machine and win £10,000, let’s find out.”

Taking to social media to share their concerns about Ben, Marg penned: “Why do Ben’s eyes look different? #tippingpoint.”

Arthur Summercell went on to write: “Ben’s eyes look very strange #tippingpoint.”

He later made a comment about how tired Ben looked.

“Just switched on. Is Ben tired? #TippingPoint,” Col asked.

While Mahria tweeted: “What the actual has Ben done to his eyes?”

Other viewers were loving Ben’s outfit with Victoria praising: “Ben wearing the black shirt #TippingPoint.”

Turning their attention back to the game, viewers watched as Jean and John battled it out for a place in the final.

Fans took to social media again to slam John’s decision to turn down Ben’s trade. 

Having won a total of £4,000, he could have had his hands on three more counters. 


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Tipping Point fans fume as player refuses £10k trade in final

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Yet he was keen to take his winnings home, much to the disappointment of viewers. 

They felt he could have easily won the £10,000 jackpot and Ben proved this would have been the case. 

Talking to the Mirror in 2015, Ben suggested he wouldn’t “rule out” taking action as he explained how his dad had undergone an eyelid lift.

He said: “I wouldn’t rule out doing something. I’ve sorted out my teeth now, which my wife had gone on about for years.

“My wisdom teeth were all smashed up. So I have adjusted bits and bobs along the way.

“You want to look your best on TV and, fortunately, we have a wonderful team in make-up who can almost reconstruct your face.

“They squirt some kind of acid in my eyes to make me look awake. I think make-up is something that women have kept a secret for too long!”

The quiz show has seen a shake-up in recent weeks and now only has three contestants playing for cash instead of four. 

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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