'Big Brother 23' Week 6 Spoilers: Two Powers of Veto Were up for Grabs; Who Won Them?

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother 23.]

A new room has opened in the Big Brother 23 house, which gives the players the ability to compete for powers, with BB Bucks awarded to them by the viewers, which could turn the game upside down. For one of the games, the houseguests had the opportunity to enter the Veto Derby, where they could bet on someone to win the Power of Veto. Whoever bet correctly won the second one. Who are the Veto holders, and are they planning on using them to save any or both of the nominees?

Two Powers of Veto were up for grabs due to ‘Big Brother 23’ twist

Following Christian Birkenberger’s eviction, host Julie Chen Moonves told the remaining 11 houseguests they made it to the jury phase and informed them of a new twist: the High Rollers room.

The players could enter and compete, using BB Bucks awarded to them from the viewers, hoping to win one of three game-altering powers. Derek Frazier and Derek Xiao told their closest allies they earned $100, and everyone believes Britni D’Angelo is the third player that won the highest amount.

America awarded the Cookout allies Xavier Prather, Hannah Chaddha, and Tiffany Mitchell $75, leaving the others with $50.

Based on their conversations, the three powers include the Nomination Roulette, where the winner saves someone from the block, and a spinning wheel randomly chooses the replacement, and Flip the House, which allows the player to overthrow the Head of Household nominations with their own if they win a coin toss.

Alyssa Lopez won the Power of Veto; Kyland Young received the second one

For this week, the players got to compete in the Veto Derby, where the houseguests can bet $50 on someone to win the Power of Veto.

HOH Kyland Young and his nominees, Claire Rehfuss and Derek Frazier, including randomly selected Alyssa Lopez, Azah Awasum, and Britni, competed in the POV with Claire betting $50 on Kyland, Derek F. placing his bets on Britni, Kyland betting on Alyssa, and Sarah Beth Steagall betting on Azah.

Alyssa won, resulting in Kyland winning the second one.

Are they going to use POV or keep nominations the same?

Before the POV competition, the HOH targeted Claire, considering her the safest option. However, the BB Bucks twist changed things as Britni became the number one target for the Cookout.

Kyland, Xavier, and Tiffany realized she lied about the amount she received and know she still has $100 left for the other stronger powers still left in the game.

Additionally, Derek X., who also has $100, has popped up as a target as “the six” are considering him the biggest threat to them. Wanting to keep the future powers under the Cookout’s control, Kyland is debating using the POV to backdoor Britni or Derek X.

Before the POV competition, he also said he would take the shot at his final two partner, Sarah Beth, if the alliance preferred. Big Brother 23 airs on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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