Big Brother live feeds updates: Spoilers about who gets evicted from Big Brother 21 tonight

The Big Brother live feeds continue to provide updates from the house. That includes spoilers about the Week 2 Eviction Ceremony. A clear target is set as Season 21, Episode 8 approaches.

The final nominees for eviction were revealed during Episode 7 of the show. Sam Smith won the Power of Veto and decided to not use the power. This means that Kemi Faknule and Jessica Milagros remain on the block.

Who gets evicted from Big Brother 21 tonight?

Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews are still pushing hard to get Kemi evicted from the game. Unless something huge changes, they are going to succeed in that goal. This seems to have been confirmed by the latest Big Brother live feeds updates.

There had been murmurs and even a strong plan from the other side of the house about shaking up the vote. A number of people, including Nicole Anthony and Cliff Hogg, want to find a way to save Kemi.

The problem is that two of the people pushing for that narrative are David Alexander and Ovi Kabir. They don’t get to vote, as they are residents of Camp Comeback. It has put a dent in any real plan to convince people to save Kemi.

As it stands, Kemi Faknule will get evicted tonight on Big Brother. She will head to Camp Comeback with David and Ovi and it will continue to shine some negative light on how the BB21 cast continues to target minorities.

Big Brother live feed updates from Jack, Analyse

Jack and Analyse Talavera were enjoying some time in the Head of Household Room overnight. That’s where the showmance discussed the targets for Week 3. They want Jessica and Cliff to be the nominees, with Jessica being the next evicted houseguest.

It appears that nobody within the BB21 cast is really ready to stand up to Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie yet. That could change down the line, but the right person would have to win the next Head of Household Competition to shift anything.

Everything from the Big Brother live feeds points toward Kemi Faknule getting evicted during the July 11 episode. This is a reminder that the CBS schedule now has episodes on Thursday nights again.

Big Brother is airing CBS episodes on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.

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